Working with WooCommerce Admin Pages

Contents Introduction There are a number of ways to manage admin-area pages for your WooCommerce extension. You can use existing PHP pages or create new React-powered pages. Regardless of the approach you choose, you’ll need to register your page with the WooCommerce Admin Page Controller in order to display the WooCommerce Admin header and Activity […]

Developer Advisory

WordPress components no longer bundled with WooCommerce Admin

tl;dr As of WooCommerce Admin 1.9, the @wordpress/components package is no longer bundled as part of the WooCommerce Admin codebase. The Details Early on in the development of WooCommerce Admin, the maintainers decided to bundle the @wordpress/components package with WooCommerce Admin. This helped ensure all of the features WooCommerce Admin relies on, notably React hooks, […]

Registering with WooCommerce Admin Navigation

Contents Introduction Recent versions of WooCommerce include a dedicated, immersive navigation menu that supersedes the underlying WordPress navigation. In order to provide a first-class experience for merchants, it’s important for WooCommerce extensions to register support for this navigation. This ensures that their navigation items will be close at hand for merchants as they manage their […]

Roadmap Insights

Request for comments: Removing the filter to turn off WooCommerce Admin

Overview We are plotting a path that will eventually eliminate the ability for developers to programmatically disable WooCommerce Admin via the woocommerce_admin_disabled filter. We understand that many stores and extensions rely on this filter for various purposes, so we want to capture feedback from you to help guide the decisions we make about how to […]

WooCommerce Core

Using the Admin Notes Inbox in WooCommerce

Note: A previous version of this article provided instructions using class names that were deprecated in WooCommerce 4.8. The instructions below have been updated to reflect the new class names. As of WooCommerce 4.6, the new home screen that was introduced in WooCommerce 4.3 has become the default experience for merchants. With the aim of […]