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Cart and Checkout – Inner block types

The following Additional Cart and Checkout inner block types filter is available:

  • additionalCartCheckoutInnerBlockTypes



The Cart and Checkout blocks are made up of inner blocks. These inner blocks areas allow certain block types to be added as children. By default, only core/paragraph, core/image, and core/separator are available to add.

By using the additionalCartCheckoutInnerBlockTypes filter it is possible to add items to this array to control what the editor can into an inner block.

This filter is called once for each inner block area, so it is possible to be very granular when determining what blocks can be added where.


  • defaultValue array (default: []) – The default value of the filter.
  • extensions object (default: {}) – The extensions object.
  • args object – The arguments object with the following key:
    • block string – The block name of the inner block area, e.g. woocommerce/checkout-shipping-address-block.
  • validation boolean or Error – Checks if the returned value is an arry of strings. If an error occurs, it will be thrown.


  • array – The modified array with allowed block types for the corresponding inner block area.

Code example

Let’s suppose we want to allow the editor to add some blocks in specific places in the Cart and Checkout blocks.

  1. Allow core/quote to be inserted in every block area in the Cart and Checkout blocks.
  2. Allow core/table to be inserted in the Shipping Address block in the Checkout.

In our extension we could register a filter satisfy both of these conditions like so:

		document.addEventListener( 'DOMContentLoaded', function () {
	const { registerCheckoutFilters } = window.wc.blocksCheckout;

	const modifyAdditionalInnerBlockTypes = (
	) => {
		defaultValue.push( 'core/quote' );

		if ( args?.block === 'woocommerce/checkout-shipping-address-block' ) {
			defaultValue.push( 'core/table' );

		return defaultValue;

	registerCheckoutFilters( 'example-extension', {
		additionalCartCheckoutInnerBlockTypes: modifyAdditionalInnerBlockTypes,
	} );
} );


To call this filter within the editor, wrap the filter registration in a DOMContentLoaded event listener and ensure the code runs in the admin panel.

💡 Filters can be also combined. See Combined filters for an example.


Before After
Before applying the Additional Cart and Checkout inner block types filter After applying the Additional Cart and Checkout inner block types filter

Last updated: July 10, 2024