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Properly setting up your test environment and writing tests when contributing to WooCommrece core are essential parts of our development pipeline. The links below are also included in our Contributing Guidelines on GitHub.

If you have any questions about testing please reach out to the developer community in our public channels(Developer Blog, GitHub Discussions, or Community Slack).

Unit Testing

End-to-end tests are powered by Playwright. The test site is spun up using wp-env (recommended), but we will continue to support e2e-environment in the meantime, and slowly deprecate Puppeteer testing.

API Testing

api-core-tests is a package that contains automated API tests for WooCommerce, based on Playwright and wp-env. It supersedes the SuperTest based api-core-tests package and e2e-environment setup, which we will gradually deprecate.

Calls for Testing

Keep tabs on calls for testing on our developer blog, and make sure to read our beta testing instructions to help us build new features and enhancements.

How-To Guide

Beta Testing