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How to Use WooCommerce CLI


This guide aims to assist beginners in using WooCommerce CLI (WC-CLI) for managing WooCommerce stores via the command line.

Getting Started

  • Ensure WP-CLI is installed and WooCommerce is at least version 3.0.0.
  • To check WC-CLI availability:
		wp wc --info


General Command Structure

The general syntax for WC-CLI commands is:

		wp wc [command] [options]


For detailed help on any specific command, use:

		wp wc [command] --help


Basic Tasks

1. Listing Products

To list all products in your WooCommerce store:

		wp wc product list


2. Creating a New Product

To create a new product:

		wp wc product create --name="New Product" --type="simple" --regular_price="19.99"


3. Updating a Product

To update an existing product (e.g., product ID 123):

		wp wc product update 123 --regular_price="24.99"


4. Deleting a Product

To delete a product (e.g., product ID 123):

		wp wc product delete 123 --force


For a complete list of WC-CLI commands, check out our WC-CLI commands documentation

Last updated: February 07, 2024