Today we tagged WooCommerce 2.1 Beta 3 which has seen 174 commits from 29 contributors since the previous beta. Things are looking quite stable and no bug reports remain open, so if all goes to plan this will be the final beta before the release candidate later this month.

Again, we encourage everyone (especially those with extensions and themes in the wild) to test, ensure their work is compatible, and report any core issues directly to us on Github.

You can grab the latest tag release here. Thanks to everyone who’s been involved in the testing so far.

22 responses to “WC 2.1 Beta 3”

  1. Hi guys!

    Great work with 2.1 so far! I was wondering if you think it’s safe to use beta 3 on a new site I’m building. I’m working on a dev server (the live is not affected) and there was no prior version of WC in the site (they used plain PayPal buttons before). Is beta 3 stable and feature complete enough to start and build this new project with? In short I’m wondering if there’s going to be major functionality changes between beta 3 and final? I’d prefer build off the new version instead of working with 2.0.20 and upgrading later. Thanks!

  2. RicaNeaga Avatar

    So woocommerce 2.1 is still coming out in january? Do you have an ~ ETA? Thank you! 🙂

    1. Any idea on when 2.1 is going to be released?

  3. I look every day. Will it be next week?

  4. Yeah, you really need to communicate. Even if you say it’s going to be in 3 months you need to be professionals and tell us so we can plan our development.

    1. We’ve given plenty of updates here and in other channels…

      1. The only thing that I’ve seen is an eta milestone of 4 days ago, which is why we were asking for an update since we can’t go by that. Are you still saying “by the end of the month” then?

      2. Here it is: says 8 days past due, so that’s why I asked if you have an update. Seems reasonable to me to ask that.

        1. FYI the milestone on github was for the completion of those issues, not a launch date.

      3. Every update we’ve given a tentative schedule. The first post was

        RC1 will be released in a few days.

        1. Hi Mike,

          I asked a question here 2-3 days ago but it seems never to have made it live. Was wondering if it’s safe to start building a new store with 2.1 beta 3. This is on a dev server and not a live site as the current client live site doesn’t use WC and I only moved the content and started from scratch for the new version (new design, etc).

          I’d like to know if there will be major changes that might make it difficult to upgrade from beta 3 to RC1 to final or if 2.1 is pretty feature complete at beta 3 already.


        2. ok thanks for the info.

  5. Benito Lopez Avatar
    Benito Lopez

    I agree, please tell us if it will be released in the next days (the final version). I’ve developed a theme and it’s ready. But I need to know if I need to add the support to WC 2.0 because at the moment is only WC 2.1 compatible. And I can’t wait anymore. What we are asking it’s just an ETA.

    1. I would love to know the ETA. Past due by 8 days! 🙂

      1. The milestone on github was for the completion of those issues, not a launch date.

        1. Well that’s disappointing.

          1. Man, have you guys forgot this a free solution? Have you ever created a huge program, one that’s very cutting edge, with hardcore challenges? No you haven’t, because then you wouldn’t be giving these guys crap. It’s almost impossible to give a legit ETA for projects of this nature. It gets done when it’s done. Stop your wining already.

          2. JHouse stop your whining <- How you spell whining
   real cutting edge!

          3. Haha, damn, I figured I spelled it incorrectly. Doh!

          4. Benito Lopez Avatar
            Benito Lopez

            @JHouse: Sorry but I’m not asking for anything out-of-the-ordinary here. Just an estimated date to plan my development. I don’t think that’s unfair to ask for at all. For me there’s not any problem if the new version will be released in June (for example). I’m only asking for an estimated date. And it’s perfectly possible to say “Ok, WC 2.1 will be not released on January”, even if you’re working on a large project.

          5. @Benito – It’s all good, my comment wasn’t directed at you, just the people being rude about the release date. You were polite. Peace brother.

          6. Benito Lopez Avatar
            Benito Lopez

            Peace 🙂

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