WooCommerce Public Roadmap

Our public roadmap highlights our primary initiatives, and serves to give our community an idea of what to expect this year from WooCommerce.


Enhancements to the core WooCommerce Platform.

High Performance Order Storage:
Effortless scaling for large stores with new order database storage.

Developer Experience

APIs, integration, developer tools and documentation.

Scaffolding for new extensions:
CLI command for creating extension environments with interactive examples.
Improve the contribution process:
Streamlined contribution process for a more inclusive WooCommerce environment. 
API improvements:
Improving API endpoints for complete REST API functionality coverage.
Improved documentation experience:
Improving the documentation experience for WooCommerce developers.
Better testing capabilities:
Extensible staging option for easy feature testing and disconnecting production behaviors.
Quality Insights Toolkit:
A new Dashboard & command-line interface for test running.

Merchant Experience

Usability and UX/UI improvements to serve our merchants.

Improved Product Creation:
Improved product creation and management experience for diverse use cases.
Simplify Store Launch Process:
Enable hosting providers to simplify the store launch process.
Store Editing: No-code Customization:
Enhancing customization of storefronts through Gutenberg and WooCommerce integration.
Simplify the Onboarding Wizard:
Simplified onboarding wizard with essential questions for new store setup.
Cart and Checkout Blocks by Default:
Establishing Cart and Checkout blocks as the default experience for new merchants.

Merchant Solutions

New product and feature development.

AI Assisted Product Listings
New ways for merchants to quickly create and iterate on product titles and descriptions.

Shopper Experience 

Usability and UX/UI improvements to make shoppers happy.

Updates coming soon

You can help

If you have ideas that will fundamentally improve the WooCommerce product experience, submit them to our Feature Request Board.

Are you ready to solve problems with us? Contribute to the WooCommerce Core project on GitHub.

Your support and contributions are essential to building out the future of WooCommerce.