Welcome to the WooCommerce Roadmap

As we look into our planning for the future, we believe it would be advantageous to begin documenting those plans and sharing them with you. Our goal is to highlight our primary initiatives as a way to give our community an outlook on the future of WooCommerce.

Last Updated: February 2023


The glossary below is meant to provide an understanding of where features are in our development process. As you can see, we are not showing specific dates, as many factors influence feature releases.

Ideation: The initiative is in the process of being planned, but no work has begun
Now: Currently in the throes of making awesomeness
Next: We are committed to executing this, just not yet
Later: This has been scoped and is most likely happening, but we have other things to do at the moment

2023 Roadmap

Ideation Now Next Later
Optimize for Performance
Improve WC REST API Capabilities
Support Developers in Extending WooCommerce
Quality Insights Toolkit
Improve the process for contributing to WooCommerce core
Improve documentation for developers
Better testing capabilities
Provide Better Tools for Merchants
Improve Onboarding Experience for Merchants
Simplify the Onboarding Wizard
Launch Your Store Task

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