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Recently an announcement was made that plugins could soon make use of Language Packs, the same way in which core and themes do. This makes it easier for users to obtain translations (they are downloaded along with the plugin), lets everyone translate in the same place ( and lets all plugins share a translation memory.

With the new language pack system, you’ll be able to update/install any translation from your WordPress dashboard within the “Updates” screen:

Up until now, WooCommerce has had its own custom language pack system implemented in 2.2, with our translations being hosted on Transifex. We’re like to move this over to .org as soon as possible.

Starting today, we’ll no longer update the languages packages within the Transifex and the 2.4.8 WooCommerce release will no longer include our custom language pack downloader.

Our new translations are located here.

If you’re like to contribute to translation going forward, or if you are maintaining a translation already, it’s important you start doing this now on WordPress will only install translations that are complete, with all strings revised.

If you are a translation reviewer today at Transifex or would like to be a reviewer, please leave a comment (see example below) with your username and which language you would like to be reviewer.

pt_BR – @claudiosanches

If you would like to learn more about how translation works in the new system with GlotPress, see this post.

Thanks to all of our contributors 🙂

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  1. Will there still be separate language files for admin and frontend?

      1. Isn’t that a performance drawback?

  2. I would like to coordinate the translation of the Polish translation. Here are my details: pl_PL – @swoboda

  3. Hey, I would like to be a reviewer of Brazilian Portuguese:
    pt_BR – @rafaelfunchal

  4. jluisfreitas Avatar

    pt_PT – @jluisfreitas

  5. Does this mean that translations which are not 100% complete will now switch to English with the next WooCommerce update?

    1. Yes 🙂

      The same thing happens with WordPress.
      It’s essential to create a community around it and keep everything up to date.

  6. Illimar Tambek Avatar
    Illimar Tambek

    et – @ragulka

  7. Worldsdream Avatar


  8. fi – @arhipaiva . Yes, I would like to continue to keep up the consistency and quality of the Finnish translation as I have done since 2012. A reviewer role, please. Another thing: there is no need for fi_FI translations as the correct suffix is fi (and not fi_FI)

    1. No worry, we can’t create prefixes any more, will be only the languages available in 🙂

  9. da_DK – @FrederikRS

    1. If possible, I would like to be a reviewer so I can help coordinate things regarding the Danish translation.

  10. Hello, I’m interested to be a reviewer of es_ES. Thanks, and congratulations for a great plugin! My username is davidperez

  11. Hello! I would like to be a reviewer of es_MX, I’m dabodude @

  12. cs_CZ – @dudlaj

  13. nl_NL – @Zaph.ire

  14. hu_HU – @SzLegradi

  15. I would like to be a reviewer on zh_TW – @Gordon168

    1. should be
      zh_TW – @gordon168
      sorry !

  16. it_IT – @nicolamustone – reviewer please

  17. ca_ES – @domenec

  18. de_DE – @nachtigall
    de – @nachtigall


    Current situation at transifex (woocommerce) is:
    * de_DE (German (Germany)) is the formal “Sie” variant of German
    * de (German) is the informal “du” variant of German

    For WordPress (beginning with 4.3) the situation is like:
    * de_DE is the informal “du” variant of German (which is also shipped by default, whereas in WooCommerce the formal “Sie” variant is currently shipped by default)
    * Then for the formal variant there is a de_DE_formal


    I think for WooCommerce it should become the same way like WordPress. That is:
    – old transifex de ( becomes de_DE on new translate platform (
    – old transifex de_DE ( becomes de_DE_formal on new translate platform (

    So the mapping at for German is wrong at the moment and needs to be fixed.

    BTW, imho this is really a very breaking change (“WordPress will only install translations that are complete, with all strings revised”). I do not understand why this done as a minor version number. I would do this for 2.5 For German it is even worse, as webshops with formal language will now default to informal which is a very breaking change.

    1. So for the new system this would not be:
      de_DE – @nachtigall
      de – @nachtigall
      de_DE ( – @nachtigall
      de_DE_formal ( – @nachtigall

      I think this is also what @fludwig meant in the 1st comment…

      1. This need to be translated in the same way that you guys translate WordPress to de_DE.

      2. BTW, imho this is really a very breaking change (“WordPress will only install translations that are complete, with all strings revised”). I do not understand why this done as a minor version number. I would do this for 2.5 For German it is even worse, as webshops with formal language will now default to informal which is a very breaking change.

        Not our rules, are the WordPress rules for all translations (core, themes and plugins).
        You will get used to it.

      3. Yeah the changes suggested by Jens are totally correct.

        In my case it ist totally perfect that the informal version is the standard now because we are only using informal language.

        On the other side I have to aggree with Jens that this should be communicated clearly to everyone that there will be a switch of the standard from formal to informal.

        I think we should discuss two issues here:
        1) The correct languages should be imported to the correct language repos to be consistent with the WordPress way of the German translation – we should set up everything like Jens suggested. But as far as I see everything is already correctly set up, isn’t it Jens?

        IMPORTANT: My first review of the translation showed that not the full version of the current transifex-translations (including all strings awaiting review) were imported.

        2) I agree with Jens: Shouldn’t we consider to wait for a major release update like 2.5 and announce foremost to the German users that now everything is translated the “standard” WordPress way and that from now on the formal and informal translations are swapped?

      4. @Claudio: I created a ticket about the wrong import of German files: I am happy to use instead of transifex, but I do not like to start from 0 when in fact more than 3500 strings have already been translated (many by myself 😉

        As for changing the german default wording from formal to informal, that is up to you. I think one can do it, but I would communicate it very well to all german users to make sure that everybody notices this upfront. That after the version upgrade to 2.4.8 one has to switch the language setting to have it back the way it was before. I would personally choose a mayor version number like 2.5 for this as this will be a deeper change than any API change or whatever (only for german users)…

  19. @Claudio / @Florian:

    > In my case it ist totally perfect that the informal version is the standard now


    Just to make this clear, I do also welcome this change! And I also like that WooCommerce will be handled the same way as WordPress from now on. That is good.

    1. You will reviewer, will be free to do whatever you want with that language, but are impossible for us to import those languages again.
      We as the plugin author’s, we don’t have any permission or tool to do this.
      You are fighting with the wrong people. Because we can’t do what you want now.

  20. es_MX – @dabodude

  21. Gerd Neumann Avatar
    Gerd Neumann

    de_DE – @gerd.neumann
    de_DE (formal) – @gerd.neumann

    I was also reviewer at transifex for these two languages “codes” (formal and informal german as spoken in Germany)

  22. da_DK – @emilstahl

  23. lt_LT @pokeraitis

  24. nb_NO – tomboersma

  25. da_DK – @kbubandt

  26. French 100% translated, 3656 strings to revise!

  27. nb_NO – @hjartland
    I have translated WooCommerce into Norwegian(bokmål) for “a few” years now (user ‘ALIOM’) and would not mind being a reviewer

  28. en_GB @aplatform

  29. ja – @nao

  30. I’m interested in keep helping with the spanish translation.

    es_ES – NeoTrafy

  31. frederikrs Avatar

    Any idea when it will be possible to approve suggested translations at ?

    1. Be patient young grasshopper, missing others to show their faces here first.

  32. I would like to be a reviewer (Croatian lang files).
    hr – @vipteam ( username)

    I am the last translator of Croatian lang files. Croatian langfiles are completed. I have extensive experience with translations. My translations are flawless and professional quality. I want to maintain the translation of future versions, too. Regards

  33. For croatian translation hr @vlinicx

  34. it_IT – @crossi72

  35. zh_TW @neltseng

  36. sq_AL @FunkyCreep

  37. storymasterq Avatar

    id_ID @storymasterq
    If no one else is registering for it yet.

  38. I like to contribute in Brazilian Portuguese, if needed

    pt_BR @goodpixel

  39. hu_HU – @vonsch. BTW I believe the hu branch needs to be separated to a formal and informal pack. The language is more formal in everyday life, by separating the 2 branches we simply provide an option.

  40. luistmartins Avatar

    pt_PT @lmartins

  41. he_IL – @roidayan

  42. When do you plan to release WooCommerce 2.4.8?

    1. That depends on the people publish their interest in being translation editors here.

      But I advise you to go already translating into your language in the meantime.

  43. es_ES – @cegomez

  44. Paula Bambino Avatar
    Paula Bambino

    pt_BR – @pabambino

    1. I was a translation reviewer at Transifex.

  45. Krzysztof Avatar

    pl_PL – @Elkurczako

  46. […] is a relatively new change — until recently, WooCommerce language packs were bundled with the plugin. However, moving WooCommerce translations to allows anyone (even you!) to contribute […]

  47. My username on .org: Filippos Sdr.
    Greek Translation Team

  48. leeyongqiang Avatar

    zh_CN – @suifengtec

  49. sk_SK translation is ready

  50. de_CH formal and informal @openstream

  51. da_DK – @Vayu

  52. pt_PT @nunoalves4best

  53. sl_SI – @maticer

  54. de_DE – @mhenschel
    de_DE (formal) – @mhenschel

    The formal german translation is at 96%. That’s why my shop is now set to default English language automatically. Who came up with this way of handling things?

  55. I think I left a wrong username above.
    So it is
    de_DE @henschelmichael

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