WooCommerce 4.3.2 Fix Release

Hi all! We’ve just shipped a small fix release that improves the compatibility with the upcoming WordPress 5.5. Here is the changelog for the release:

* Fix - Remove new WP 5.5 meta box arrows from "Order data" and "Order items" meta boxes. #27173
* Fix - "Product type" dropdown missing from Product's data meta box on WP 5.5. #27170
**WooCommerce Blocks 2.7.3**
* Fix - Fix missing permissions_callback arg in StoreApi route definitions. #2926
**WooCommerce REST API 1.0.10-pl-1**
* Enhancement - Compatibility fixes for WordPress 5.5 #232

Download the latest release of WooCommerce here or visit Dashboard → Updates to update the plugin from your WordPress admin screen.

As usual, if you spot any other issues in the WooCommerce core, please log them in detail on GitHub. Found a security issue? Please submit a report via HackerOne.

27 responses to “WooCommerce 4.3.2 Fix Release”

  1. My sites updated. Thanks to the Woo team for the the quick response to my reporting of bugs and the fixes!

  2. boondoge Avatar

    This version of WooCommerce has broken my WordPress dashboard functionality. I can no longer use the basic functions of WordPress such as ‘Screen Options’ menus and editor options for posts.

    When I disable WooCommerce 4.3.2 the problems resolve. When I re-activate the problems return.

    1. boondoge Avatar

      I have pinpointed the plugin: WooCommerce Drop-shipping. It’s the plugin dependency that causes the fix when I disabled WooCommerce, but it’s this plugin that is breaking my admin site.

      1. konamiman Avatar

        Hi boondoge, we’ve investigated the issue and it’s caused by the removal of the jQuery Migrate script from WordPress 5.5; turns out that the drop-shipping plugin uses one of the removed functions and needs the migrate script. We’re going to contact the developer of the plugin to request an updated version with a fix, but meanwhile installing this other plugin should fix the issue: https://wordpress.org/plugins/enable-jquery-migrate-helper , I hope that helps!

    2. Same problem for me, even if I update wordpress to 5.5 and woocommerce to 4.3.2
      Does anyone else has the same issue ?

      1. Peter Fabian Avatar
        Peter Fabian

        Hi Seb,

        Sorry to hear you’re having problems. Can you please create an issue in GitHub and fill out the issue template (https://github.com/woocommerce/woocommerce/issues/new?assignees=&labels=&template=4-Bug-report.md&title=) so that we can try to solve this as soon as possible? Thanks!

        1. Hi,
          It’s done on GitHub 🙂 Thanks

  3. Kris Planeta Avatar
    Kris Planeta

    After update the general tab in variable products disappeared. I checked it in a different store and updated only Woo (with no WP 5.5 update) and the issue was the same. When I looked at the HTML of the page, the general tab is still there but it is set t display: none.

    1. wvisadmin Avatar

      Product type is not available in the General Tab: Kris points right to the problem, the product type box is CLASS .hidden!!!

      Simple product
      Grouped product
      External/Affiliate product
      Variable product

                      <label for="_giftcard" class="show_if_simple show_if_variable tips" style="display: inline;">
                  Gift Card:
                  <input type="checkbox" name="_giftcard" id="_giftcard">
                      <label for="_virtual" class="show_if_simple tips" style="display: inline;">
                  <input type="checkbox" name="_virtual" id="_virtual">
                      <label for="_downloadable" class="show_if_simple tips" style="display: inline;">
                  <input type="checkbox" name="_downloadable" id="_downloadable">
    2. Peter Fabian Avatar
      Peter Fabian

      Hi Kris and wvisadmin

      Sorry to hear you’re having issues. As noted above, if you are experiencing issues, please try to follow the general troubleshooting steps (https://docs.woocommerce.com/document/woocommerce-self-service-guide/) and if that doesn’t help, please let us know the details of your problem in GitHub (https://github.com/woocommerce/woocommerce/issues/new?assignees=&labels=&template=4-Bug-report.md&title=). We are not seeing the same issue, so we need further information on how to reproduce the problem. The tabs are getting displayed/hidden as store admin switches between the tabs (1 is displayed, rest is hidden), so there is something preventing this from working correctly I think. However, it’s difficult to tell what it might be without more info.


  4. richardbartz776737855 Avatar

    Here is the problem about the product type box not showing in wp-content/plugins/woocommerce/includes/admin/meta-boxes/views/html-product-data-panel.php on line 15: span class is hidden.


    div class=”panel-wrap product_data”>

    <!– — RDB changed to show type box 8/13/20–>

  5. Since i have updated to wordpress version 5.5 cant click on any of the product data list, product data drop down menu is missing and product options are not loading. i can’t add any n ew products to sell because of this matter.

    1. Peter Fabian Avatar
      Peter Fabian

      Hi collinmlungisi,

      Sorry to hear you’re having issues. There were some Javascript changes that came with WordPress 5.5 and not all the plugins have updated accordingly yet. Your problems sound like they might be caused by errors in Javascript. Please try if the following plugin helps you in the meantime (before other plugins update): https://wordpress.org/plugins/enable-jquery-migrate-helper/

      If it doesn’t help and you’ve also tried to troubleshoot your store without any luck, please open an issue on GitHub for us: https://github.com/woocommerce/woocommerce/issues/new?assignees=&labels=&template=4-Bug-report.md&title=

      1. Hi Peter Fabian
        The plugin https://wordpress.org/plugins/enable-jquery-migrate-helper/ worked all seems to be fine for now. I am able to add new products and variations.

        Thanks a million.

      2. orrynemrys Avatar

        Same happened to me. AND it charged one of my customers the amount for the first variation in lieu of the much higher amount he should have paid. I’ve installed the Migrate Helper plugin and the variable product data is now accessible again, though I occasionally get the following warning at the top of the page:

        jQuery Migrate Helper — Warnings encountered
        This page generated the following warnings:

        https://www.assamteas.shop/wp-content/plugins/xa-woocommerce-subscriptions/admin/js/hf-woocommerce-subscription-admin.js: jQuery.fn.load() is deprecated

        Sadly, some of the technical adjustments you guys are referring to are being my current understanding.

    2. butch1234 Avatar

      I have the exact same problem. No product data drop down menu all of a sudden. I also installed and activated the Enable jQuery Migrate Helper plugin. Does not change anything.

  6. After updating the WordPress to 5.5 and WooCommerce to 4.4.0. Then it is hiding the WooCommerce product data type.

    We know, we can only add variable product, grouped product etc with the help WooCommerce product data type option. So the option for product data type are missing from the WooCommerce due to this plugin effect.

    While checking the activated plugins, I found one plugin is removing the admin body classes, this is root cause of the issue. WooCommerce is displaying the product data type by checking the admin body class.

    So I have deactivated the plugin for avoiding the conflict.

    In order to check this conflict you just need to check wc-wp-version-gte-55 is available on the admin body class. If not then any of the plugin or theme is removing the WooCommerce added body class. So I recommend you to deactivate the plugin by one by one and find out the root cause.

    WooCommerce is adding the admin body class using the below filter tag.

    add_filter( ‘admin_body_class’, array( $this, ‘include_admin_body_class’ ) );

    You can also do plugin wide search with tag admin_body_class, so you can find-out which one is removing the added body class. If you prefer you can deactivate the plugin or contact the plugin author.

  7. creaktor Avatar

    Found a bug. Is there a way to have a share desktop meeting?

    1. Peter Fabian Avatar
      Peter Fabian

      Sorry, we don’t do those. But it would be very helpful if you could make a screen recording, upload it online and then create a bug report in our github repository: https://github.com/woocommerce/woocommerce/issues/new?assignees=&labels=&template=4-Bug-report.md&title=

  8. What has happened to the product data virtual and downloadable buttons on the add new product section? Can’t find it anywhere. I send my clients PDF files content courses.

    1. Peter Fabian Avatar
      Peter Fabian

      Hi Carolyn, the checkboxes to create virtual and downloadable products should still be there.
      Please check your browser console for any potential errors as I have a guess that one of your plugins might be incompatible with WordPress 5.5. Installing a plugin called Enable jQuery Migrate Helper: https://wordpress.org/plugins/enable-jquery-migrate-helper/ might help you until all your plugins get updated to support it.

  9. Tayyab Ali Avatar

    addding variable products option are missing from my website.
    i found some thing on my website
    wp-content/plugins/woocommerce/includes/admin/meta-boxes/views/html-product-data-panel.php on line 15: span class is hidden.

    that is shown in woocomerce file. what i do next. anyone plz help me

    1. Peter Fabian Avatar
      Peter Fabian


      Please update to latest WooCommerce and, if you’re on WordPress 5.5 try to install the Enable jQuery Migrate Helper: https://wordpress.org/plugins/enable-jquery-migrate-helper/

      If that doesn’t help, please try to perform conflict resolution with your plugins, as described in this useful doc: https://docs.woocommerce.com/document/how-to-test-for-conflicts/

  10. Hello, it seems that Woocomm is not working with our site… breaking the site, actually… ever since we updated our WP to 5.5.1. We spoke to our host, InMotion, to troubleshoot and he told us it is indeed the woocomm plugin and that this issue has been common lately. We depend on the woocomm plugin because we run an ecomm store, so we need this fixed asap. I have emailed Woocomm but have yet to hear back. Is there any way you would be able to help with this issue? Thank you!

    1. Peter Fabian Avatar
      Peter Fabian


      Apologies for the trouble.
      Please contact our support for help: https://woocommerce.com/contact-us/.

  11. creativevibes Avatar

    Hi, how is it going with the plugin guys? I want to install it on my clients WordPress site, but I’m kind of scared it will damage or delete all the product’s data.

    1. Peter Fabian Avatar
      Peter Fabian


      There is no known issue where the plugin deletes user data, so you should be safe. That being said, it’s always a good idea to use a backup solution (such as Jetpack backup, or provided by your hosting provider), as different plugins might not anticipate how they might affect each other. As much as we try to avoid this happening, no software is free from bugs. Hope you’ll have smooth sailing with Woo!

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