Cart and Checkout Blocks by default

Establishing Cart and Checkout blocks as the default experience for new merchants.


Cart and Checkout blocks have been successful and stable, so we plan to make them the default for new WooCommerce users. This will improve the user experience and show our commitment to intuitive block-based experiences for merchants.

Checkout is an important part of the shopping experience, especially on mobile devices, but historically, customizing the experience has required coding and plugins. With the new cart and checkout experience, we want to provide an intuitive and optimized shopping experience that can be customized without code.

We will transition the Cart and Checkout blocks out of the Beta phase and make them the default for new merchants. This will happen in stages, starting with removing the Beta label and then launching the blocks as the default experience later this year.

Our goal is to improve the experience for shoppers, merchants, and developers, while also addressing any issues and opportunities for customization.

Note: We want to assure existing users that the shortcode will remain available and easy to switch to. While the Cart and Checkout blocks may not cover every website setup, we’re collaborating with partners to increase plugin support. You can find compatibility details in our documentation.

We aim to remove the Beta label by WooCommerce 8.0 (August 8) and make the blocks the default experience later this year.


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