Custom content on the Cart and Checkout summaries


When items are added to the cart, sometimes they can have specific options or settings that should be displayed alongside the product, e.g. any notes relating to estimated shipping dates or limitations, stock in a physical store, or stock available online. It may also be desirable to show different information based on whether the shopper is logged in, or what type of account the shopper uses (e.g. a b2b or b2c customer).

Currently, there is a way to add custom data to the cart by adding a key/value pair to the “cart item data” object; however, this can only be added at the point the item is added to the cart, and it will persist when the order is completed, this may not be desirable if the data is purely informational.

The new functionality we intend to add will streamline the process of adding the data and allow it to be set at render time (rather than at “add-to-cart” time) and prevent it from being persisted when the order is completed.

This project is currently in the ideation stage


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