Improving Developer Documentation


We are working to enhance the developer documentation experience at WooCommerce to make it more accessible, comprehensive, and user-friendly. This will involve reorganizing content, adding new resources, and gathering community feedback to ensure the highest quality.

We understand the importance of centralizing the documentation experience and providing users with a reliable resource hub. That’s why we are working on significant improvements in this area:

  1. Centralization: Our aim is to create a centralized platform where you can easily find all the information you need. We want to give you a designated “place to go” when seeking documentation, making the process of finding relevant resources much more convenient.
  2. Open Source Approach: To foster community collaboration and empower users, we are migrating a substantial portion of our documentation to GitHub. This move will allow the community to access and contribute to the documentation. Additionally, we value your feedback and will encourage you to create issues for any documentation that requires updates. Your contributions will be greatly appreciated.
  3. Enhanced Content: We are committed to improving the content of our documentation. This includes reevaluating the organization of our docs to ensure information is easily accessible based on your specific development path. Moreover, we are actively creating new documentation and performing quality checks on existing resources to maintain accuracy and relevance.

Our overarching goal is to provide a comprehensive, user-friendly documentation experience that supports your needs throughout your journey. We appreciate your patience and participation as we continue to enhance our documentation platform.

We have introduced a new documentation folder in the WooCommerce monorepo, and will be hoping to launch a beta version of our new docs site before end-of-year.


If you have thoughts, please get in touch in the WooCommerce Community Slack.