Translating WC with Transifex

Transifex is an online tool, that makes translating (and translation management) easier. It’s free for open-source projects like WooCommerce.

Transifex is a novel web application for localization in an easy, agile, and hassle-free way.

This month we’ve been trying it out, and have decided to give it a test run for the upcoming 2.1 launch. We’re hoping it may be the answer making the whole process more efficient – reducing our work by removing the need to handle pull requests, allowing translators to discuss things and improve locales together, and allowing us to track which translations need more work before a release.

We’ve set Transifex up to automatically sync with the POT file from our master branch on github, so whenever we push an update to that file translators will be able to update localisations easily.

Before each release of WooCommerce we’ll be able to gather all localisation files and commit them to WooCommerce core. No more wading through pull requests and releasing without updates to translations!

Our hub page can be found here:

We’ve thus far uploaded all existing translations from WooCommerce core, and invited those who added their emails to the .po files.

If you’d like to become a translator, signup for Transifex – its free, and then find the translator you wish to contribute to and hit the ‘join team’ button. Let us know if you’d also like to be a reviewer, or co-ordinate your language.

If we’re missing a translation, hit the ‘request language’ button from our hub page.

4 responses to “Translating WC with Transifex”

  1. Geert De Deckere Avatar
    Geert De Deckere

    Just found out about the Transifex approach. This looks like a huge step forward in many aspects. Good move.

  2. Hello Mike, is there a place to comment/ask questions on all things translation?
    Also, have you planned a string freeze at any point where translators can be sure no more text strings are going to be modified/added for the release?

    1. If there is a problem with a string, raise an issue on github. Otherwise I believe transifex has commenting.

      Code will be frozen more or less when RC1 is tagged.

      1. Thanks. Yes, just noticed there is commenting. Nice tool, like working with it.

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