WooCommerce 2.1 beta 2 is now available

Two weeks after the first beta, I’ve tagged the second beta of WooCommerce 2.1 today. It’s been a pretty smooth ride so far, with very few critical bugs being reported. We did manage to get 123 commits in since the first beta, so no doubt there were some issues still present. ๐Ÿ™‚

If this continues to be such a smooth ride, we’re going to enjoy our holidays in the beta phase still and release the first Release Candidate in early January. We don’t want to do this before or during the holidays, since everybody is going to be spending time with family and friends.

This is the moment to get active in testing. We’re pretty confident this second beta is stable enough, but it might contain a couple conflicts or hidden bugs that we haven’t discovered so far. We can’t fix bugs that we’re not aware of, so if you can squeeze in a couple minutes testing and report any issues you might find, that would be great. We really appreciate all the feedback we’ve got so far!

All this also means that we’re on schedule for releasing the WooCommerce 2.1 final in January. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. Alessandro Marengo Avatar
    Alessandro Marengo

    Hi! I’d like to know if taxes rules affecting selling activity under the italian law will be fixed in the new release. Now it is quite possible to manage this issue thanks to this plugin http://netstarsolution.net/aggiungere-cf-e-pi-wc/
    Despite this solution, which seems to be developed too slowly though, I’m wondering if others who’s using woocommerce to sell in Italy are doing it legally or not. Hope new release will bring light to this matter.
    Thanks for any comment, best regards.

    1. Hello Alessandro,

      I managed this problem using “Checkout Field Editor” (http://www.woothemes.com/products/woocommerce-checkout-field-editor/)

      the plugin give the possibility to add any field you want in the billing and/or shipping info.

      To show this custom fields on invoices, mails or others you have to edit the code, but right now I think it’s the best solution.

      hope it helps


  2. I’ve been watch the GitHub but otherwise it’s been pretty quiet. I’ve taken that to mean that you’ve just been quite busy. Can we expect the WooCommerce 2.1 branch to get tagged RC1 this week?

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