We’ve hit 200 contributors to WooCommerce!

During the WordSesh session about the WooCommerce ecosystem, we briefly mentioned that we’re always looking for external contributors. At that moment, we were still stuck at having 199 contributors to the plugin for a while. So we challenged the audience to step up and become the 200th contributor to our plugin.

Today, I had the pleasure to merge in the first commits from our 200th contributor, NikV. Thanks for your two solid contributions and congratulations on helping us achieve this milestone!

External contributors add great value to our plugin, fixing bugs or designing new features. They refresh or confirm our thoughts and have been proven to be a great way to fix bugs even quicker than we can do it ourselves. We couldn’t have made the WooCommerce plugin as it is today without external contributors.

Keep up the good work, NikV and the rest of the community, your contributions are greatly appreciated!

If you’re keen to start contributing to WooCommerce, a good place to start is to read our CONTRIBUTING.md file. Since we’re in the beta phase of WooCommerce 2.1, we also need as much testing as possible.

2 responses to “We’ve hit 200 contributors to WooCommerce!”

  1. Great milestone and congrats again Nik!

  2. Nice work NikV – thanks for the contributions! 🙂

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