WooCommerce 2.1.1 fix release is now available

Please note that WooCommerce 2.1.2 is available already.

In the past 48 hours, we’ve smashed a total of 57 commits in the now available WooCommerce 2.1.1 fix release. The new version is now available and can be downloaded from the WordPress.org repository, or updated via the automatic updates in your WordPress install.

Among other fixes, this release includes:

  • All endpoints, shop pages, category pages and other pages resulting in 404 errors after the 2.1 update will now have their permalinks flushed correctly. This solves all the issues with pages not loading.
  • Fixed all language country codes to reflect WordPress standards, so all translations will work again.
  • Fixed issues where stock status wasn’t properly set so new products didn’t show on archive pages.
  • Fixed when add_to_cart is called, ensure the correct product_id is set for variations.

The full changelog can be found on WordPress.org.

Showing outdated bundled templates files in themes

We have also introduce a notice that will show in your administration panel when your theme is bundling outdated WooCommerce template files. This problem causes a lot of trouble for webshops using third party themes. This list of outdated template files will enable you to quickly find the template files that might cause issues and give you a clear list to communicate to the developer of your theme.

Report any issues found

This fix release solves the most important and annoying issues for our users and makes it easier to detect outdated templates in themes. In case you find new issues, please let us know via the GitHub repository issues if it’s a core issue, or make a new support topic on the WordPress.org support forums.

Our list of common issues after updating to WooCommerce 2.1 will still be actively maintained, so please keep an eye on announcements there and via our @DevelopWC Twitter account in case you are still waiting for an issue to be resolved. Thanks for your continued patience.

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