Google Analytics Integration 1.4 Beta

A new version of the Google Analytics plugin for WooCommerce is now ready for testing. You can download beta 1 here:

Release Highlights

Enhanced eCommerce The new plugin now supports enhanced eCommerce tracking. Enabling enhanced analytics allows you to gather information every step of the way. You can now track: Purchase transactions, when an item is added to the cart, when an item is removed from the cart, product impressions from listing pages, product clicks from listing pages, when a product is viewed from its page, and when the checkout process is initiated.

Setup Tips The Google Analytics plugin can take a few steps to configure correctly since you need to configure things from the Google Analytics dashboard as well. The new release tries to make this as clear as possible by offering tips after installing the plugin, and clearer explanations around the different settings.

The plugin has also been refactored to make adding features like enhanced eCommerce possible (and to make it easier to potentially track more information in the future). Since the code has shifted a bit, we wanted to get some feedback on a beta version before releasing to everybody. If you find a bug, please post an issue on GitHub.

2 responses to “Google Analytics Integration 1.4 Beta”

  1. Hi Justin,

    Do you have an ETA on when you’re likely to release v1.4?

    There doesn’t seem to be many outstanding issues on GitHub.

    We have many clients interested in the advanced eCommerce tracking.

    Thank you!


    1. No set date, but its being worked on.

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