Time to start translating WooCommerce 2.5

WooCommerce 2.5 will be released in January – the Release Candidate will be available between Jan 4th–8th 2016 just after we’ve recovered from our new year hangovers. That means we have around a month to translate 134 new strings (if your language was already 100% translated):

This will be our first release supporting only translations from translate.wordpress.org, as previously announced in “Moving languages packs to WordPress.org“.

The main difference with this system is that translations are only available for download when they are 100% translated and reviewed. Thats why it’s important to start translating things now.

We’d love it if you started translating WooCommerce in your language here to benefit the community.

Thanks to those who contribute!

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  1. […] Translators, it is important than we translate 100% of the WooCommerce 2.5 strings so translations are downloaded automatically on update. Your help is most welcome! See more in Time to start translating WooCommerce 2.5. […]

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