WooCommerce 2.6 Beta 2

WooCommerce 2.6 Beta 2 has been tagged and is now available from Github. Since beta 1 there have been a number of fixes, tweaks and commits (183) so be sure to give it a whirl.

You can download beta 2 here

Changes since beta 1

For everything else, see the comparison here.


If you’d like to help test, you should download the release from Github.

You can also use our beta testing plugin.

Remember you can also help translate 2.6 on the development branch on translate.wordpress.org.

5 responses to “WooCommerce 2.6 Beta 2”

  1. Is the new Backbone UI added to shipping mehthods an experiment (as I hope) or is it there to stay? It breaks significant portions of the UI I had created and, unlike previous versions, it cannot be extended dynamically, due to the Backbone data model ignoring all the new UI elements I could possibly add. In short, most of the work I did in the past to extend shipping is broken when Backbone comes into play.

    1. It is enabled based on the ‘supports’ variable of each instance based method. Any JS code in shipping setting can still be enqueued on the zones screen to function, if you’re using inline JS right now.

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