Developer Chats.

Starting with the 3.1 release cycle, we will begin holding dev chats every 2 weeks. These meetings will happen every other Tuesday on WooCommerce Slack and are open to the community.

Each chat will have it’s own agenda, but will include topics relevant to the ongoing development of each release.

We have a few goals in mind for these chats:

  • Stay in sync, and share progress of ongoing projects.
  • Communicate more with the community and involve more people in each release cycle.
  • Increase interest and participation in contributing to WooCommerce core.

Please fill out times that would work best for you on an average Tuesday. All times are in UTC.

Once we have a time and date set for the first chat, we will announce it, including a draft agenda, and a call for additional agenda items.

Please feel free to make suggestions – these chats are for the community! :).

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