Dev Chat Summary: April 11th.

This post summarizes the dev chat meeting from April 11th. (agenda, Slack archive).

CRUD Search Helpers

  • Open Issue.
  • We need to investigate wether we can re-use WP_Tax_Query or not. Actual taxonomy storage probably won’t change when we move to custom tables. See discussion.
  • Main props should definitely be queryable.
  • Custom meta should be supported. WP_Meta_Query.
  • WP data structures are a temporary way to get us there. We know the goal is to move data to custom tables.

Product Admin UI

  • Bumped to the next chat, but a call for feedback was posted.
  • Please leave your thoughts on the open issue and we can discuss.

Importer / Exporter

  • Please provide feedback on the proposed schema.
  • Background processing classes mentioned as a concern here. We want to improve that in core.
  • Other extensions should be able to use what we have (like the Subscriptions CSV importer).

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  1. marinawoo Avatar

    So awesome to see these chats happening 🙂

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