Dev Chat Summary: May 23rd

This post summarises the dev chat meeting from May 23rd (agenda, Slack archive).

Progress with importer/exporter

  • Wrapping up development this week!
  • We have a branch for testing:
  • Merge is supported, based on ID and/or SKU
  • Attributes are supported
  • There is a mapping screen
  • Mappings are not stored/remembered

Order search helpers are ready for feedback

  • Search helpers are ready and a WIKI explains usage:
  • In short, wc_get_orders does what it always has, but also has a bunch of new params you can query by
  • Feedback; update status to use non-prefixed statuses like other core methods.
  • Date range queries are INCLUSIVE.
  • customer accepts an email or an ID for backwards compatibility
  • Helpers do not support advanced custom meta queries.

Should we remove ID based searches e.g. in customer search boxes?

  • General consensus on removing in a future version
  • Do not seem to be commonly used, even on small stores
  • Hard to remember IDs
  • IDs are not exposed in the WordPress UI – only in URLs

How to deal with Cash on Delivery paid status

  • Separate order/shipping/paid status are a long way off being available.
  • Most against using on-hold status instead of processing.
  • We should add custom handling to ensure paid date is not set until the order is completed.

4 responses to “Dev Chat Summary: May 23rd”

  1. Egbert Avatar

    W.r.t. Import/export: Will the possibility to import from a local CSV be still available? We generate the CSV from an database table and place it in the webroot, using with a loosely coupled plugin. The CSV is then imported using the current CSV import/merge function of “WooCommerce Product CSV Import Suite”.
    Please say yes, otherwise we face a major problem here how to get our 8500+ products imported/merged into the woo tables. TNX! Egbert Jan, NL

    1. If I understand your process correctly, this should still be supported. You can use CSV files located on your server or upload CSV files.

      1. Egbert Avatar

        Thanks Claudiu. That is a relieve. Will the layout change a lot? Not much has changed since I use WooProd.CSV import suite. I use the suite since “year zero” and could not do without it.

        1. You can give it a whirl and see! We made the 3.1 beta available yesterday. You can grab it here then try out the importer on a staging site:

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