WooCommerce 3.4 RC2

WooCommerce 3.4.0 RC2 is available for testing. We’ve fixed the following issues specific to 3.4 functionality:

  • Incorrectly closed table row in WP Admin. #20091
  • Fixed tooltip styling when outside label. #20084
  • Remove full stop after action name. #20087
  • Fixed terms and conditions preview when the terms and conditions option is unset.
  • Change token export format to match WordPress 4.9.
  • Updated some missing template file versions.
  • Use GET in external product form so query strings are preserved.
  • Escape and decode ampersands correctly for external products.
  • Preview checkout without a dummy product to prevent conflicts.
  • Remove . from strings for checkbox settings.
  • Data erasers; target shop_order only and added filters for 3rd parties.
  • Remove legacy PayPal meta data from orders.
  • When cleaning up CSV import, only remove product taxonomies. #20094

And we’ve added the following to the changelog as it affects older versions also:

* Tweak - In CSV exports, wrap cell in ' rather than just prepending to escape values. #20041
* Tweak - Add JS listeners for reloading/reinitializing order items in edit-order page. #20082
* Fix - When duplicating variation, set the date to null. #20083
* Fix - Fix rounding of line items for orders to match cart. #20086
* Fix - Remove hardcoded border in email template. #20090
* Fix - Prevent autofocus on checkout. #20123
* Fix - Recalc taxes if address changes in API. #20137
* Dev - Made wc_query_string_form_fields handle strings. #20162
* Localization - Fix missing Bahrain country code. #20061

To test WooCommerce 3.4.0 RC2, you can use our WooCommerce Beta Tester plugin or you can download the release candidate here (zip).

Think you’ve found a bug? Please post in detail to Github.

The final version of 3.4 is due for release tomorrow, May 23rd 2018. Huge props to everyone who has sent feedback about this release so far or found bugs.

11 responses to “WooCommerce 3.4 RC2”

  1. Is there any chance that the blog could adopt a `releases` category/tag, similar to the one used by WP.org? (https://wordpress.org/news/category/releases/) that is explicitly for new WC releases/, hotfixes etc? The core category seems like it’s almost that, but not quite. It would be handy for those who want to subscribe via RSS and just get release updates for ongoing support/maintenance. Thanks for listening 🙂

    1. Sounds good to me.

  2. Hey guys,

    I know you guys are in a rush to get 3.4 out due to GDPR but still… we get an RC2, but no time to test?

    I thought the plan was when a second RC was released there would be an extra week? Can you confirm?

    In all seriousness, one day notice, for us as third party extension devs and site owners, isn’t enough to scramble our fighter jets (QA/testers) to make sure it doesn’t break anything. I’m going to just have to assume that there’s nothing here that would break anything compared to RC1.

    1. Since there are only fixes in here (since RC1), there shouldn’t be anything to worry about. The fixes are a direct result of testing. We’ve just tagged this for convenience–we could have just jumped straight to final release tomorrow tbh

      GDPR (Friday) is our deadline.

      1. Cool thanks for the explainer Mike. I agree, probably could have just gone straight to release or moved these to the first patch if they’re just minor.
        When I see a new RC I feel like its basically saying the responsibility lies with us to test again, but if there isn’t enough time it puts us in a hard spot.

  3. bildmanufakturwackernah Avatar

    Hi Mike, I gave the RC2 a quick test and checked a order for deleting personal data. Personal data was removed after. But related orders were still there with personal data. And are we able to use that new tool anywere in world? How about law related terms like tax laws? I do need that info because I have to give my clients a note about and how they may use that new tool.

  4. bildmanufakturwackernah Avatar

    Sorry, I forgot to mention that in case the order I used for testing tool was a subscription!

  5. bildmanufakturwackernah Avatar

    I found at https://www.willows-consulting.com/gdpr-for-ecommerce/ this note about tax compliance:
    GDPR does not trump other laws. E.G. if you have to keep personal data to justify vat charges then this is needs to be kept for tax compliance. The rule in GB and Ireland is 7 years. Other countries may vary.
    Shoudn’t there be a setting for how old a order has to be in case for which personal data should be removed? If a shop owner deletes such personal data from a order accidentally to early, it can’t be restored with a click!

    1. Be careful not to then 🙂 in your case youd likely want to explain that in your privacy policy and enable retention for 7 years.

      Subscriptions work different – the Devs of that are handling.

      As for related orders, the bulk tool only does a specific order, not all. You can search for a user by email address and do all orders at once if needed.

      1. bildmanufakturwackernah Avatar

        Hi Mike, thanks for explaining. I found setting of retention period in WooCommerce -> Settings.
        Very good job. 🙂

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