wc-admin v0.3.0 release notes

It has been two weeks since our last release of the `wc-admin` feature plugin, so we wanted to give you all an update on what has been worked on, and give you a fresh build to test with! If this is the first time you have heard about `wc-admin`, it is a new JavaScript-driven interface for managing your WooCommerce stores that is focusing on creating new and improved reports, a notifications system to help keep your store running smoothly, and a dashboard to monitor all the important key metrics of your site. You can read more about the background of the project in our Alpha announcement post – or watch the keynote from WooSesh.

And of course we like to always mention that it isn’t ready for use on production sites, we are developing the new interface publicly so our developer community can comment and contribute, and are starting to make certain features available as a feature plugin.

Version 0.3.0 is available for download here! This pre-built zip file of the project is the easiest way to test out all of the new functionality.

Release Highlights

Bug Fixes

  • Charts with empty data sets no longer throwing an error
  • Fix for false positives in Report Stats unit tests
  • Autocompleter for products advanced report filter no longer will return already selected products and variations
  • Autocompleter for products bug fix for not supporting multi-word product entries
  • Chart: Fix bug with chart not updating width on filter changes
  • Accessibility: Allow table headings to have longer labels for screen readers
  • Fixed a bug in Orders Report summary numbers where net revenue did not reflect refunds.
  • Order refunds now properly trigger a sync to update the Order Stats table
  • Resolve lodash conflict issues which was causing bugs in various WooCommerce screens.

REST API Updates:

  • New /reports/variations endpoint
  • Added support for sorting /reports/products results by Product Name
  • Grouped all extended info of data in /reports/products endpoint into the `extended_info` object
  • Stock_status and stock_quantity values added to the /reports/products and /reports/variations endpoints

Products Report Updates:

  • Products report now supports a product detail view for Variant data. When viewing a Products report, use the “Single Product” filter to select a product with variant data. You will now see all variant data in the tabular data section in which you can filter to specific variants.

Taxes Report Updates:

  • Compare Tax codes filter has been added which allows you to compare tax report data by different tax codes.

Orders Report Updates:

  • The Orders Report now supports more advanced filters! You can now filter order data for a given time period by: order status ( i.e. is pending and complete ), product ( orders with or without certain products ), coupon codes ( coupon codes were/were not used on orders ), and filtering by new and returning customers.

Activity Panel Updates:

  • The Orders activity panel now shows all “Pending” orders for the store. Each card is linked to the associated Order screen for management.

Revenue Report Updates:

  • Added summary numbers to the footer of the Revenue Report table.

Orders Report

  • For a selected date range, it reports the total number of orders, net revenue, the average order value, and average number of items per order.

Known Issues

  • Advanced filters aren’t hooked up to the API, so applying filters doesn’t have an affect on the report.

Customers Report

  • View Customer Data: Name, Sign Up date, Email, number of Orders, Lifetime Spend, Average Order Value, Last Purchase Date, and Country

Known Issues

  • The Customers report is still in development, and no live data is available yet.

What is Coming Next?

During the next two weeks, the team will be focusing on the following items:

    • Finalizing endpoints for Coupons, Taxes, and Stock Report
    • Creation of new Customers report endpoint
    • Ability to Segment Data for better visualization of comparisons
  • Analytics
    • Finalize Coupons, Taxes, and Stock reports with live data.
    • Customers Report and advanced filtering tools.
    • Downloads Report
    • Add support for nested product categories in report data
  • Dashboard
    • Finalize and ship new Chart Block
  • Activity Panels
    • Add live data to Reviews Panel

4 responses to “wc-admin v0.3.0 release notes”

  1. theritesites Avatar

    Loving the new interface! I have been toying around with the 0.1.0 and now the 0.3.0 interface, and I am very excited on this massive update.

    Other than that, I do have a question with the WooCommerce reporting classes that currently exist in production WooCommerce. I currently make plugins that extend WooCommerce reports and am specifically leveraging the function WC_Admin_Report::get_order_report_data()

    Is this function going to be deprecated at some point with the new Report interface, or will this class and/or function be adapted to use the newer querying classes like WC_Object_Query or WC_Order_Query?

    1. Thanks for checking the project out! We currently don’t have any plans or timeline to deprecate the legacy reports and their PHP classes.

  2. Already have a forecast for the launch of the plugin?

    1. We are hoping to have a launch sometime in the first or second quarter of 2019.

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