WooCommerce Admin v0.8.0 release notes

A new release of the WooCommerce Admin feature plugin is now available for download via GitHub. We are aiming for our next release to be published on the WordPress.org repo, so you will be able to keep up to date with the latest and greatest of WooCommerce Admin there soon!

If you haven’t heard about WooCommerce Admin ( née wc-admin ) – it is a new JavaScript-driven interface for managing your WooCommerce stores that is focusing on creating new and improved reports, and a dashboard to monitor all the important key metrics of your site.

0.8.0 Highlights

This release was primarily focused on finding and fixing bugs throughout the reports and the dashboard of WooCommerce Admin. But we did manage to sneak in a few enhancements as well.

Comparison Mode in Coupons Report

In v0.7.0 we shipped the ability to do comparisons in the Products Report – and in this release we have added the support to do the same within the Coupons Report. You can now select coupons to compare using the advanced filters within the Coupons report, or leverage a few preset filters which allow you to quickly view Top Coupons by Discounted Orders or Amount Discounted.

Categories Report Completed

The Categories Report was still using some test data, but now the report is fully powered by the new reporting tables. The Categories Report offers the ability to filter by all categories, a single category, category comparison, viewing top categories by items sold, and top categories by net revenue.


Here is a list of the other items that were shipped in this release:

  • Table Component: Reset search on compare
  • MenuItem Component: Added isCheckBox prop
  • a11y: Enhancements to “Rows per Table” on the dashboard
  • Taxes Report: Fix comparison mode and segmentation labels
  • Fix css linter errors
  • Test Framework: Require WordPress 5.0 or greater to run phpunit
  • Table Component: Fix search positioning in small viewports
  • Chart Component: Preserve chart colors bug fix
  • Navigation: Close wp-admin menu when navigating between reports in narrow viewports
  • Analytics: Don’t show variation table when in an active search
  • Dashboard: Fix for style of summary number placeholders
  • Downloads/Customers Report: Fix for filters
  • Product Variation name format now matches Woo core
  • phpcs fixes in unit tests
  • Chart: Mouse pointer now displayed in entire clickable area
  • Analytics: Sort tabular data when selecting a Summary Number
  • Chart: Fixes for the legend totals
  • Build: Move IE11 css to specific css file
  • Downloads Report: Fix for sorting bug
  • Stock Report: fix the product link
  • Chart: Refactor of d3 logic
  • Autocompleter: Increase debounce time to reduce API requests
  • Segmented Selection Component: fix for missing borders
  • Chart: Add messaging when no data is available for selected filters
  • Setup: Improvements to install flow

What’s Next?

The next fortnight the team will be focusing on more testing and bug fixes. But a variety of enhancements are also queued up to make the setup/on-boarding experience of WooCommerce Admin smoother.

If you are testing out WooCommerce Admin, and have found a bug, please report it on the GitHub repo – or if you would like to keep tabs on the progress, you can follow along there too.

20 responses to “WooCommerce Admin v0.8.0 release notes”

  1. That’s good news. Do you already have some documentation on how to extend the new interfaces? I’m especially interested about reports, as I need to be able to add fields, filters and so on. React is quite “monolithic”, with its models and views tightly coupled, and doesn’t allow to inject these elements easily, unless designed to do so.

    1. @diego.zanella we have been keeping an eye towards extensibility throughout development of the feature. I have an older demo of adding in a new report here – https://github.com/timmyc/wcs-example-report – but I need to update that to bring it back in line with all the new development that has taken place.

      Over the next few months we are going to work further on extensibility by leveraging the WooCommerce Admin reporting tools in our own extensions. The goal there being it will further ensure extensibility is possible, and provide some example code for developers to look to.

      We are also very aware that JS/React are new to many developers in the community – so we have also added the ability to extend via PHP. One example of this is the Store Performance indicators that are shown on the dashboard – new indicators can be added completely via PHP.

      If you have some examples of ways you would wish to extend the reports, please do share them here, or reach out to me in Slack. Having use cases from developers will greatly help us in ensuring we provide all the tools for you to build with.

      1. Hi Timmy,
        Here are some examples of reports that I extended or developed in the past.
        * Sales report: https://prnt.sc/mrhfj9. This is the standard sales report, with some extra fields added on top of the UI, to select the currency.
        * EU VAT report: https://prnt.sc/mrhgl5. This is a custom report, built by extending the standard report classes. The UI follows the same pattern as the sales report I extended.

        The above are fairly easy to manage and modify, as the UI is currently manipulated via jQuery. There is no need for model, view and controller, or for Ajax calls. 99% of the work is done behind the scene, with filters and SQL queries. My concern is that adding React to the mix might complicate things significantly, unless extensibility is built-in from the beginning.

      2. Any news about the “extensibility” topic?

        1. Hello Diego-
          I have added a couple of issues to our next sprint backlog to explore those two examples you provided:

          Please feel free to add any more details to those issues and/or follow along there to keep up to date!

          1. Right now, I would be happy to get some feedback about the extensibility as we discussed it. I’m sure that “gotchas” will come up during the conversation, and we can address them as needed. 🙂

  2. I just tested the plugin and I’m impressed with the stats it produces!
    The first few minutes no stats were available. It would be great if there was some kind of progress indication. I was almost giving up thinking it was not working. Then some stats started showing and at that point I were wishing for some way to see how much was left to process or at least a way to know when all data was processed.
    Keep up the good work!

    1. Hey @ben72, thanks for the nice words, and feedback too! We are actually going to be working on that very issue during the next two weeks: https://github.com/woocommerce/wc-admin/issues/1692

      The plan is to provide better visibility into the progress of the lookup table population. This process can take quite some time depending on a number of variables like the hosting environment for the site, and the number of orders/customers that exist on your store.

      We are also planning on adding the option to run the lookup table population on a subset of dates too – which could speed things up for some sites and allow for rebuilding a dataset for a particular time if need be.

  3. @Timmy That sounds great! I had around 5000 orders and 700 products. It only took a few minutes before data started to appear and maybe 5-10 minutes before it was finished. Progress reporting would be a great help, especially when testing it out for the first time.

  4. Sorry i am late to the party here! This looks really good so far – is the plan this will be in core woocommerce some day or always a seperarte module?

    1. ronakganatramultidots Avatar

      Yes, It will be merged in the core in the future.

  5. ronakganatramultidots Avatar

    IS the notification panel removed ? from 0.8 version I am not seeing it more.

    1. The code is still there, we just currently have that feature disabled in our builds. We will be re-enabling it soon.

      1. @Timmy I actually tried this on a live site. It looks good so far. Should I expect anything bad happening? Do I need to do any cleanup after disabling the plugin?

      2. ronakganatramultidots Avatar

        Thank you, Timmy, for the reply.

  6. marieralstonel Avatar

    The post will give you a better understanding of WooCommerce Admin v0.8.0 release notes. It points out that WooCommerce Admin is a latest JavaScript-driven interface for handling your WooCommerce stores that is based on generating fresh and better reports, and a dashboard to supervise all the vital key metrics of your site.


  7. When 0.9 will be launched?

  8. So… no news? It should be released on 14 march… why this delay? 🙂

    1. Hello Cristi – sorry for the lack of the update – we released v0.9.0 yesterday: https://github.com/woocommerce/woocommerce-admin/releases/tag/v0.9.0 – I will try to get some formal release notes up tomorrow.

      1. Thanks for the updates, Timmy!

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