Thanks to everyone that joined us in our last Dev Chat on May 2nd, we had about 20 people in attendance, results based in our emoji reactions inquiry.

The discussion was great, and you are welcome to read the full backscroll of the dev chat here, or find some notes after the break.

3.6: Questions and Feedback

We open our discussions for everyone to talk about questions, concerns, and experiences from the 3.6 release. Starting explaining why we had 3.6.1 released so quickly due a PHP segmentation fault caused by a bug in a PHP function that caused problems in a few servers, still even with this small bug fix, our Happiness Engineers reported that the support volume was substantially lower after 3.6 in comparison with other recent releases.

Also we did a little poll asking who tested any of our Beta or RC releases before launching 3.6, Sixteen people reacted, but the result ended tied. Among those who didn’t test, they argued that they wanted to, but they didn’t had time to test.

And we talked about lookup tables vs flatten tables, the Marketplace Suggestions in 3.6, and testing in popular hostings.

WooCommerce 3.7 Plans

Currently our plan is to release 3.7 on Monday July 22nd, this release should include two new WooCommerce Blocks for the editor, and we are planning to merge the WooCommerce Admin feature plugin, which brings the new analytics experience, dashboard, and activity panels to core.

More details about 3.7 will come in the soon, so watch this dev blog, and please do give the WooCommerce Admin plugin a test drive and send feedback on Slack or leaving a comment on this post.

Questions/Comments Time

We had a question about plans for GraphQL, and answering here, this is something on under our radar.

Till Next Dev Chat!

Thanks again to all whom attended. If you have any ideas on how to make Dev Chats more helpful, or if you have a question/topic you would like to discuss, please leave a note in the comments below.

The next dev chat is scheduled for the last Thursday of May – 30 May 2019 at 16:00 UTC.

2 responses to “Dev Chat #26 Notes”

  1. PremiumLeo Avatar

    any plans on implementing the meta table segmentation to improve overall performance?

    1. As I mentioned in the post, when I mention flatten tables:

      And we talked about lookup tables vs flatten tables, the Marketplace Suggestions in 3.6, and testing in popular hostings.

      This is something in our radar, we are working on it, but is a breaking change, we need to be careful.

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