Yesterday we had our Dev Chat #27, thanks to everyone that joined us, we had about 15 people in the attendance, you all are welcome to read the full backscroll of the dev chat here.

WooCommerce 3.7 and merging WooCommerce Admin

Our Dev Chat started with news about 3.7 development and WooCommerce Admin.

Right now we are starting to merge some of the features from WooCommerce Admin, starting with the migration of our notices to the new centralized notices system that comes with WooCommerce admin.

Also we are moving the development of our REST API into a feature plugin, in order to centralize all the development and maintenance of the REST API, and several endpoints for our features plugins, like WooCommerce Admin, Blocks and more. You can find more details about how this will works on WooCommerce here.

Due this new features coming into core right now, we advise everyone to try WooCommerce Admin as soon as possible, we should appreciate every feedback about.

Increasing WooCommerce’s minimum requirements for PHP and WordPress

On 3.7 we should bump WooCommerce’s minimum requirements for PHP and WordPress, before saying something else, we will keep backwards compatibility, only some new features should be development with those new requirements. So for PHP we’ll bump to PHP 5.6 (like WordPress 5.2), but we are still deciding the WordPress requirements, could be either 4.9 or 5.0.

According with our stats collected by our tracking system, less than 2% of the installations are using PHP versions between 5.2 and 5.5, this number increases to more than 8% for PHP 7.0, and that’s the reason why we are only bumping to 5.6.

Questions/Comments Time

We had a few questions from our attendees:

Plans for merging custom product tables on core.

Still in our plans, but in development, also we should implement more lookup tables to help in performance like we did on 3.6.

Questions and concerns about Prospress acquisition

Let’s start with saying that all should be the same for most of the things, like we don’t have any plans of merging Subscriptions or any other Prospress plugins into core, but keep an eye on this blog, we should announce if we have any news related to any of the Prospress projects.

Plans for WooCommerce 4.0

For now there’s no schedule or even a full complete list of features that could be included, of course we are considering several changes like custom flat tables, a new checkout UI and more, still we intend to keep 4.0 lightweight, avoiding breaking too much backwards compatibility. I advice everyone to keep follow this blog to know more when we have more news about 4.0.

Till Next Dev Chat!

Thanks again to all whom attended. If you have any ideas on how to make Dev Chats more helpful, or if you have a question/topic you would like to discuss, please leave a note in the comments below.

The next dev chat is scheduled for the last Thursday of June – 27 June 2019 at 16:00 UTC.

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