WooCommerce Admin v0.13.0 and Revised Merge Plans

We are happy to announce the availability of a new build of the WooCommerce Admin feature plugin! If this is the first time you have heard about WooCommerce Admin, it is a new JavaScript-driven interface for managing your WooCommerce stores that is focusing on creating new and improved reports, and a dashboard to monitor all the important key metrics of your site.

You can download version v0.13.0 in the plugin repository or via GitHub right here. If you do test out the plugin, and have some feedback – please do open an issue in the GitHub repository, or reach out to us in the #core channel on WooCommerce slack.

0.13.0 Highlights

Historical Import Status

One area that we received quite a bit of feedback on in the prior release was not being able to see how the import of historical data is progressing. In v0.13.0 some nice additions have been made to the Analytics > Settings page to help inform you of how the process is going.

The progress bars will give you feedback to how far along the import process is, and will work if you navigate away from the page too.

Default Date Setting

Another requested feature was to have the ability to set the default date range on your reports. For example, if you prefer to view your store’s performance over the last 30 days, you can now set that in the Analtyics > Settings page:

Developers: Custom Dashboard Sections

And finally a really cool new opportunity for extension developers. In v0.13.0 we added the ability for extensions to register their own dashboard sections! If those sounds interesting to you, check out the original pull request which shows how you can scaffold some example code to help show you how to extend the Dashboard:

Core Merge Plans Update

In recent dev chats, we shared that our goal was to merge WooCommerce Admin into WooCommerce Core in the 3.7 release that is slated for the end of July. While we would love to get all of this new functionality into the hands of all WooCommerce users – we have decided to postpone merging the feature plugin to core.

By keeping WooCommerce Admin a feature plugin, we have greater flexibility in iterating on all the new features, and being able to refine extensibility options as more feedback from extension developers comes in. The plugin is now active on over 100k WooCommerce sites, including our largest store: woo.com

We have really appreciated all the feedback and bug reports submitted by the community so far. This release contains many bug fixes and enhancements from your feedback, so please keep testing and let us know your thoughts.


  • Fix: Bump plugin version for database update.
  • Fix: Exit deactivate early if WooCommerce not active. #2410
  • Fix: Notes: update sales record link #2397
  • Enhancement: Settings: Add default date settings #2292 (Components, Dashboard, Packages)
  • Dev: Add tracks to import jobs #2193
  • Dev: Notes: Add filters to disable milestone and sales record notes. #2227
  • Enhancement: Trigger an action server side when admin note actions are clicked #2325
  • Dev: Fix Activity Panel layout on mobile #2405 (Activity Panel)
  • Dev: Add uninstall file to release ZIP #2402 (Build)
  • Bug: Fix wrong average numbers in chart legends #2352 (Analytics, Components, Packages)
  • Dev: Add date_created_gmt property to orders endpoint #2086 (Activity Panel)
  • Enhancement: Add progress bars to Historical Data Import screen #2312
  • Bug: Fix some data not to being imported when ‘skip_existing’ option is enabled #2385
  • Fix: Double space at 191 row #2369 👏 @shoheitanaka
  • Enhancement: Only show unactioned notes in the Inbox panel. #2327 (Inbox)
  • Bug: Don’t create Notices tab in Activity Panel if notices HTML element was removed by a plugin #2378
  • Tweak: Allow paragraph tags in admin notes. #2344 (Inbox)
  • Tweak: Allow note action URLs to be empty. #2324 (Inbox)
  • Bug: Prevent inactive tabs from making requests #2377
  • Task: Remove second beta warning from readme #2362
  • Fix: Misspelling at update config.jp #2368 👏 @shoheitanaka
  • Dev: Transpile newspack-components package #2348 (Build)
  • Dev: Low stock handling inconsistencies with WooCommerce 3.6+ #2191
  • Dev: Remove d3-array dependency #2286 (Build)
  • Dev: Dashboard Extentions: Add a section #2280 (Build, Components, Extensibility, Packages)
  • Fix: Move StoreAlerts below screen meta links on embed pages. #2291
  • Fix: Extensions: fix registering a page #2301 (Extensibility)
  • Dev: Fix box-shadow-8dp error. #2290 (Components, Packages)
  • Fix: Dashboard Extension Example: Make namespace unique #2302 (Extensibility)
  • Dev: Persisted Queries: Avoid adding to non time related screens #2225 (Build)
  • Dev: Remove customizable dashboard heading #2321 (Dashboard)
  • Bug: Add missing space in Orders Activity Panel card #2306 (Activity Panel)
  • Task: Remove beta warning from readme. #2340
  • Dev: Dashboard: Extend charts data #2258 (Dashboard, Extensibility)
  • Bug: Handle WC_Admin_Notices. #2245 (Activity Panel, On Merge to WC Core)
  • Bug: Exclude auto-draft and trashed orders from imports. #2265
  • Fix: wc-api: Remove reference to import update functions #2277 (Dashboard)
  • Enhancement: Add support for “primary” admin notice actions. #2269
  • Enhancement: Allow links in admin notice content. #2272
  • Fix: Remove errant import update operation from wp-api spec. #2271
  • Dev: Hook up import/totals endpoint to Historical Data Import screen #2208
  • Fix: Refactor main file into singleton class structure #2226

Thank You, and What’s Next?

First a big THANK YOU to everyone that has downloaded a release to test, and also to those of you who have reported bugs. Your input is extremely valuable to us, so please keep testing and let us know if we can help!

The team is primarily focused on bug fixing and small enhancements. If you would like to see more details about what we are working on, please visit our project board on GitHub.

The next release of WooCommerce Admin is slated for Wednesday, July 28.

5 responses to “WooCommerce Admin v0.13.0 and Revised Merge Plans”

  1. Does it still require that a site has Jetpack installed?

    1. Hello David – Jetpack has never been a requirement for WooCommerce Admin – and with the goal for this functionality to be included in WooCommerce core I don’t anticipate Jetpack ever being a requirement.

      I can personally confirm that the plugin works wonderfully alongside Jetpack though!

  2. Hi Timmy,
    Thank you. I got this mixed up with The WooCommerce app for mobile, which is powered by Jetpack.

    1. Ah indeed that makes sense David – yes the mobile apps still require Jetpack for authentication/communication to the WooCommerce install.

  3. bildmanufakturwackernah Avatar

    Is there a chace that you move the toplevel links in admin under woocommerce as sublevellinks? It seems that all plugins like to be in first place and the list got longer and longer.

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