WooCommerce Admin v0.14.0

We are happy to announce the availability of a new build of the WooCommerce Admin feature plugin! If this is the first time you have heard about WooCommerce Admin, it is a new JavaScript-driven interface for managing your WooCommerce stores that is focusing on creating new and improved reports, and a dashboard to monitor all the important key metrics of your site.

You can download version v0.14.0 in the plugin repository or via GitHub right here. If you do test out the plugin, and have some feedback – please do open an issue in the GitHub repository, or reach out to us in the #core channel on WooCommerce slack.

🎉 200k+ Active Installs

First off, I wanted to say thank you for everyone who has installed WooCommerce Admin. This past week we passed the 200k install milestone on the WordPress Plugin Repository. We value all the feedback being given too ( the good and the critical ) so thanks for your time in testing, and reaching out with bug reports, feedback, and feature requests.

New Extensibility Option / Example

As part of this latest release, we have added in another extensibility option to WooCommerce Admin – the ability to add table columns to any report.

See how to add ID and Rating to the Products report!

This is the third example plugin that is available for the tinkering in our examples directory in the project. Using the npm command npm run example -- --ext=table-column will install the example code as a plugin on your test environment. This new example code will show you how to add columns, and modify the REST API response to include the data used in the table.

If you have an idea on how you would like to extend WooCommerce Admin, be sure to let us know!


The balance of the release was focused on fixing bugs and optimizing WooCommerce Admin.

  • Dev: Action Scheduler: fix potential endless sync #2425
  • Dev: Fix Activity Panel being overlapped by editor toolbar #2446 (Activity Panel)
  • Bug: add match=any support for advanced orders table filter #2228
  • Dev: update tested to version in plugin repo readme.txt #2443
  • Fix: PHP errors on missing refund orders during import. #2464 (Analytics)
  • Dev: Allow keyboard interaction in Stock Activity Panel form #2447 (Accessibility, Activity Panel)
  • Dev: Activity Panels: Add track event when panels are opened. #2498 (Build)
  • Dev: Add wp-api-fetch script to dependencies #2460
  • Dev: Remove the “wpClosedMenu” page setting #2441 (Build)
  • Enhancement: Report Tables: Add example extension #2440 (Build, Components, Extensibility, Packages)
  • Fix: fix type in readme changelog for 0.13.0 #2457 (Documentation)
  • Tweak: Add test to catch missing version updates. #2424 (Build)
  • Dev: Fix revenue and orders charts using the wrong endpoint in the Dashboard #2417 (Dashboard)
  • Fix: handle internal rest_do_request() error conditions. #2423 (Dashboard)
  • Dev: Fix conflicts with WordPress.com toolbar #2431 (Activity Panel)
  • Task: Remove test menu from Orders panel #2438 (Activity Panel)
  • Dev: Table queries: remove befor/after from no interval endpoints #2422
  • Tweak: Reduce style dependencies on WP core, avoid errantly including WP core’s Google Fonts. #2432 (Components)
  • Dev: Update Dashboard Charts naming and order #2429 (Dashboard)
  • Bug: Fix search bar in Orders page not being tapable on mobile #2384

Thank You, and What’s Next?

First a big THANK YOU to everyone that has downloaded a release to test, and also to those of you who have reported bugs. Your input is extremely valuable to us, so please keep testing and let us know if we can help!

The team is primarily focused on bug fixes, and some REST API enhancements. If you would like to see more details about what we are working on, please visit our project board on GitHub.

The next release of WooCommerce Admin is slated for Wednesday, July 10.

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  1. That’s really good progress. I would love to see a way to extend the UI, such as adding filters and options to generate reports, as well as a way to alter the queries that produce the reports themselves, like I’m doing now with the “default” sales reports. 🙂

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