July 25th: First Community Chat

Welcome to our new Community Chat!

We appreciate all the feedback and involvement of the community, we believe it’s something essential for the future of WooCommerce Core development, for this reason we are rebranding our chat, which was a bit more technical and developer-oriented, and now embracing the whole community, making everyone welcomed.

So prepare for our first Community Chat on July 25th at 16:00 UTC in the #core channel of the WooCommerce Community Slack. If you don’t already have access to the group, you can request an invite here.

In this first instance of our Community Chat we like to invite everyone to test WooCommerce 3.7 Beta 1, and open this chat for questions and impressions about new features and changes, also talk about wishes for WooCommerce 3.8.

If you have any other questions, or topics you would like to chat about during Community Chat #1, please drop a comment below.

See you all!

One response to “July 25th: First Community Chat”

  1. What is the best way for store owners to provide meaningful feedback to the core development team? GitHub issues do not seem like the most user friendly avenues, support tickets feel like it’s going to just get forgotten about or overshadowed by other things… how can store owners or non developer users of WooCommerce provide feedback in a way they can feel heard and can have a real impact?

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