WooCommerce Admin v0.20.0

We are happy to announce the availability of a new build of the WooCommerce Admin feature plugin! If this is the first time you have heard about WooCommerce Admin, it is a new JavaScript-driven interface for managing your WooCommerce stores that is focusing on creating new and improved reports, and a dashboard to monitor all the important key metrics of your site.

You can download version v0.20.0 in the plugin repository or via GitHub right here. If you do test out the plugin, and have some feedback – please do open an issue in the GitHub repository, or reach out to us in the #core channel on WooCommerce slack.

Notable Changes

A caching layer has been added to prevent unnecessary database queries. Cached data powers a Report if the request has previously been made. When a new order is created or updated, requests gather fresh data in new queries. This speeds up commonly viewed reports.

0.20.0 introduces a better way to present Categories data. Since categories can exist as subcategories, the data now reflects this hierarchical nature.

For developers looking to extend wc-admin, the documentation on components has been revamped to include example code. Check out the devDocs here.


  • Dev: Fix issue #2992 (order number in orders panel) #2994
  • Dev: Replace lodash isNaN() with native Number.isNaN() #2998 (Build, Packages)
  • Enhancement: add option to email a download link when exporting reports. #2899 (Analytics, REST API)
  • Dev: Ignore filename rules for PSR44 classes. #2967 (Build)
  • Fix: Catch notices that are hooked earlier than priority 10. #2981
  • Dev: Category Lookup Table – Fix Category Segments #2253
  • Performance: add caching layer to analytics. #2970 (Analytics)
  • Dev: Replace lodash isFinite() with native Number.isFinite() #2977 (Build, Components, Packages)
  • Bug: Fix conflict with Blocks 2.4 #2846
  • Dev: Add filter to notes datastore where clauses. #2819
  • Dev: Copy component READMEs to docs folder before GH page deploy. #2952 (Build)
  • Dev: Add GitHub pages deploy step to Travis config. #2940 (Build, Documentation)
  • Dev: Fix plugin installation when working from a push instead of a pull request. #2950 (Build)
  • Dev: Fix pull request branch detection on CI (try #2) #2944 (Build)
  • Dev: Only build pushes to main branch. #2941 (Build)
  • Performance: reduce JS bundle size. #2933 (Build)
  • Dev: Fix pull request branch detection on CI #2942 (Build)
  • Dev: refresh component documentation #2872 (Build, Components, Documentation, Packages)
  • Dev: Simplified intervals_missing method of DataStore class #2920 👏 @codemascot
  • Dev: Simplified intervals_missing method of TimeInterval class #2920 👏 @codemascot

Thank You, and What’s Next?

First a big THANK YOU to everyone that has downloaded a release to test, and also to those of you who have reported bugs. Your input is extremely valuable to us, so please keep testing and let us know if we can help!

The focus of the next release will be in a handful of areas:

  • Extensibility: Add hooks to SQL statements and Advanced Filters.
  • CSV download: Enable client side download of entire sets.
  • Data store refactors for faster development experiences.

If you would like to see more details about what we are working on, please visit our project board on GitHub.

The next release of WooCommerce Admin is slated for Thursday, October 24.

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