WooCommerce 3.8 RC1

WooCommerce 3.8 Release Candidate 1 (RC1) is now available for testing. This is a minor release with a few new features and fixes.

Shipping a release candidate means that we think we have a stable version ready. See the 3.8 Beta release post for more information about what’s new.

We welcome you to help test this version prior to the planned release date of November 5, 2019.

You can download WooCommerce 3.8 directly from GitHub or from the WordPress.org repository, or use the WooCommerce Beta Tester plugin that allows you to test this and all future beta and release candidates.

A code freeze has been in effect since WooCommerce 3.8 Beta and continues to the end the RC period. Only bug fixes reported for WooCommerce 3.8 Beta are made to ensure stability of the release.

Think you found a bug in WooCommerce 3.8 RC1? Open a GitHub issue with as many details as possible.

4 responses to “WooCommerce 3.8 RC1”

  1. davelblog Avatar

    I’m kind of disappointed that the lack of WooCommerce Block responsiveness that 3.7 has caused is not solved in 3.8. (github #24444). It should be in here (not in 3.9) if we really care about blocks. As it impacted probably the most interesting WooCommerce blocks for users.

    1. Peter Fabian Avatar
      Peter Fabian

      Apologies it is taking so long to fix. The solution for this problem is already merged to Blocks codebase and is ready to be released next month with WooCommerce Blocks 2.5 plugin.

  2. simbahosting Avatar

    On the beta release post I asked a question in the comments that got overlooked; I’m posting it again here:

     “Opt-out for usage tracking in the Setup Wizard,” 

    Please can you explain this? My understanding is that all usage tracking must be explicit opt-in, only – https://developer.wordpress.org/plugins/wordpress-org/detailed-plugin-guidelines/ says “In the interest of protecting user privacy, plugins may not contact external servers without explicit and authorized consent. This is commonly done via an ‘opt in’ method”. Do you mean the same as that, or something different?

    1. Peter Fabian Avatar
      Peter Fabian


      Thanks for noticing. You’re correct, the new update in 3.8 makes tracking inactive by default, to follow the WP.org guidelines. Users need to opt in, if they are happy to share usage data with us and thus to help us improve WooCommerce.

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