WooCommerce Admin v0.23.1

We are happy to announce the availability of a new build of the WooCommerce Admin feature plugin! If this is the first time you have heard about WooCommerce Admin, it is a new JavaScript-driven interface for managing your WooCommerce stores that is focusing on creating new and improved reports, and a dashboard to monitor all the important key metrics of your site.

You can download version v0.23.1 in the plugin repository or via GitHub right here. If you do test out the plugin, and have some feedback – please do open an issue in the GitHub repository, or reach out to us in the #core channel on WooCommerce slack.

Notable Changes

0.23.1 brings important terminology changes to revenue reporting. Several inaccuracies reported by the community prompted a look into how WooCommerce uses accounting terms, resulting in changes that align with industry standards.

  • Recalculation of the term Gross Sales. Gross Sales is now simply the Sales Price times Quantity and does not include Refunds, Coupons, Taxes, or Shipping.
  • Introduction of the term Total Sales. This number is actually included in the legacy reports, however, it’s incorrectly labeled as “Gross Sales”. Total Sales is Gross Sales as defined above – refunds – coupons + Taxes + Shipping.

For those you using WooCommerce Admin filters to create extensions, there are notable changes to filter names to take note of.

  • Rename woocommerce_reports_ hook prefix with woocommerce_analytics_.
  • Add woocommerce_navigation_ hook prefix.
  • Update wc_admin_ hooks to woocommerce_admin_ or one of the above two prefixes.
  • Standardize woocommerce_note_ prefix


  • Dev: Add currency extension #3328 (Packages)
  • Fix: errant moment locale data loading. #3362 (Components, Packages)
  • Dev: Packages: Prep for release. #3325 (Build, Components, Packages)
  • Bug: Settings: Persist date range selection #3293
  • Dev: Remove Newspack dependency. #3302
  • Dev: DB Updates: invalidate cache after update #3299
  • Fix: beginning of next day calculation on daylight saving time on the days the time changes. #3333 (Analytics)
  • Tweak: Add a filter that allows disabling WooCommerce Admin. #3350 (On Merge to WC Core)
  • Fix: Retrieve week last year data by calendar date instead of week alignment. #3271 (Analytics, Packages)
  • Bug: Check if extended_info is set for order report items #3315 (REST API)
  • Tweak: remove global settings dependency from Navigation package. #3294 (Components, Packages)
  • Fix: Fix checkout of main branch in CI environment. #3296 (Build)
  • Fix: decouple Date package from global wcSettings object. #3278 (Components, Packages)
  • Fix: Make the order count between customer and table total consistent. #3290 (Analytics)
  • Fix: decouple Currency and Number packages from global wcSettings object. #3277 (Components, Packages)
  • Bug: Filter invalid statuses from saved statuses #3268
  • Dev: use a filter to set default locale #3273
  • Dev: Allow core inclusion via Package.php #3196 (Build)
  • Dev: Fix filter gap on analytics select controls #3259 (Components, Packages)
  • Bug: Correcting and clarifying analytics terms and calculations #3104 (Analytics, Components, Packages)
  • Dev: rename data store get_* to add_* functions where function does not return values #3275
  • Tweak: Search component: remove dependency on settings global from countries autocompleter. #3262 (Components, Packages)
  • Dev: PHPCS fixes for onboarding files #3269 (Documentation)
  • Dev: Add a tracks queue to delay event recording & log embed page views #3250
  • Dev: Make WooCommerce brand localizable #3247
  • Fix: Add single customer REST API end point. #3174 (REST API)
  • Dev: fix typos in JS docs #3248
  • Bug: Select control: fix misalignment and hide scroll bar #3215 (Components, Packages)
  • Dev: capitalize WooCommerce Services #3249.

Thank You, and What’s Next?

First a big THANK YOU to everyone that has downloaded a release to test, and also to those of you who have reported bugs. Your input is extremely valuable to us, so please keep testing and let us know if we can help!

The focus of the next release will be in a handful of areas:

  • Documentation – WooCommerce Admin documentation for users and extension developers.
  • Supporting extension development – Not only documentation, but polishing up hooks and filters and making sure packages are useable outside of the WooCommerce Admin context.

The next release is scheduled to be the week of January 20th.

2 responses to “WooCommerce Admin v0.23.1”

  1. infocaptor Avatar

    Just installed the new release. In the charts, I see the trend lines by each day of the month. Is there a way to do it by week or month? I see there is a drop down “By Day” but there is only one value in it.

    1. There is, you’ll need to expand the timeframe to long enough that viewing by week or month makes sense. In other words, the week and month options are removed when looking at a period of just a few days.

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