WooCommerce 4.1 Release Candidate Available Now

With our target release date of May 5th rapidly approaching, we are happy to announce that RC.1 is now available!

Stock Reservation Revert

As they are, database delta updates can result in silent failures in a merchant’s shop. If the MySQL user does not have table manipulation privileges, anything that relies on changes made to the schema will break. In our current case, when the wc_reserved_stock table is missing, checkout can become non-functional. In the interest of helping protect our merchants from these kinds of failures, we’ve reverted the change slated for 4.1 in order to make it more resilient before shipping it.


To test it, use our beta tester plugin (which, despite its name, can also be used to test release candidates) or download the release from wordpress.org. If you’re itching to learn what’s inside, check out the beta announcement post — it highlights all the new features and improvements.

4 responses to “WooCommerce 4.1 Release Candidate Available Now”

  1. I’m using wc 4.01, I don’t have any table named wc_reserved_stock… I’m not understanding the issue, does this upgrade to 4.1 creates that table and i have to worry only if there are no permissions for the wp user to create that table? Thanks

    1. Christopher Allford Avatar
      Christopher Allford

      This note was mostly intended for users of the 4.1 beta packages. We had added this table along with a refactor of the corresponding feature, but given the problems it presented, we will be pushing the feature to another release and have pulled it from 4.1. Sorry for any confusion caused by the phrasing in the post!

  2. Thanks for your reply. The upg from 4.01 to final 4.1 doesn’t require any database update (in particular there are no new tables?) at all?, thanks in advance

  3. Azzitude Avatar

    just started getting this today and I am not in beta that I know of and checout seems to be working

    WooCommerce tML5j_wc_reserved_stock table creation failed. Does the wp_thocs user have CREATE privileges on the wp_6bgn7 database?

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