WooCommerce Blocks 2.7 release notes

Today we are releasing WC Blocks 2.7.0! It’s available for download from GitHub and WordPress.org.

After the previous release, which included the preview for the Cart and Checkout blocks, WooCommerce Blocks has gone back to a bi-weekly release schedule. This will allow us to ship improvements faster and get feedback earlier on in the development process.

Cart and Checkout blocks improvements

We are working hard on making the Cart and Checkout blocks work better with a variety of themes. Now, font sizes will be inherited from the theme, as well as heading styles. We also fixed some issues, including one that was preventing users from being able to retry the payment if the first card number used was invalid.

Checkout block in Twenty Twenty

The Cart and Checkout blocks should be faster to load in the frontend and editor of your store after their assets size has been reduced significantly. As an example, this is the asset size difference of the frontend scripts of those two blocks (Note: gzipped sizes):
Cart119.99kB63.31kB-48.68kB (-76.89%)
Checkout128.23kB79.68kB-48.55kB (-60.93%)

Other blocks improvements

The markup and styles produced by the product grid blocks (Hand-Picked Products, Products by Category, Products by Tag, etc.) & the All Products block are now more consistent. We are confident most store owners will appreciate these changes, however we have compiled some CSS snippets in our theming docs that can be used to undo them if needed.

We also made several improvements to the styles of our blocks under the default WordPress theme, Twenty Twenty.

Similarly to the Cart and Checkout blocks, several blocks have lighter assets now, so they should load faster in both the frontend and editor.

You can read the full changelog below:

  • bug: Fix bug in Checkout block preventing a retry of credit card payment when first credit card used fails and a new one is tried. #2655
  • bug: Avoid some theme style properties leaking into the Cart and Checkout select controls. #2647
  • bug: Fixes to the product grid blocks in Twenty Twenty: discounted prices are no longer underlined and the On Sale badge is correctly positioned in the All Products block. #2573
  • bug: Improved alignment of credit card validation error messages. #2662
  • bug: Show the ‘No shipping methods’ placeholder in the editor with the Checkout block if there are shipping methods but all of them are disabled. #2543
  • enhancement: Filter block font sizes have been adjusted to be in line with other blocks. #2594
  • enhancement: The All Products block and the other product grid blocks now share more styles and the markup is more similar (see release post or docs to learn how to undo this change). #2428 [DN]
  • enhancement: The Cart and Checkout blocks now use the heading styles provided by the theme. #2597
  • enhancement: The Cart block titles have been merged into one. #2615
  • enhancement: The item count badges of the Checkout block have been updated so it looks better in light & dark backgrounds. #2619
  • enhancement: Checkout step progress indicator design has been updated to match the theme headings style. #2649
  • performance: Reduce bundlesize of blocks using @wordpress/components directly. #2664

6 responses to “WooCommerce Blocks 2.7 release notes”

  1. Paul von prandible Avatar
    Paul von prandible

    Hey, I’m a big fan of this movement. How can I translate the elements for our German clients?

    1. Hi Paul, in a few weeks the Cart and Checkout block strings will be added to the WooCommerce main repository, so you will be able to translate them from:


      If you can’t wait, they can also be translated specifically for the plugin:


      However, notice language packs need a minimum percentage of translated strings before they are released, so you would need to translate the whole plugin. Instead, I would suggest waiting until the blocks strings are published in the WooCommerce main repository and translate them directly from the first URL I linked.

  2. rebajaslocascom Avatar

    I am looking forward to the final version of WooCommerce Block, I already want to use the new cart and checkout.

    For now, I leave you some suggestions:

    GeneratePress compatibility
    Compatibility with Cash on Delivery, MercadoPago and Openpay

    1. Hi there, thanks for your suggestions! We are working on improving the way the Cart and Checkout blocks work in different themes. We are also planning on adding support for more payment methods.

      Feel free to add your suggestions to the ideas board for WooCommerce, this way they will get more visibility and might receive votes from other store owners with similar issues:


  3. Please make an update where you include quantity input and removal of the product directly from the checkout. That way, we can skip the cart all together.

    1. That’s a great idea, Sara! We’re looking to work on this in a future release.

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