WooCommerce Blocks 3.1 release notes

Today we released WooCommerce Blocks 3.1.0! It’s available for download from GitHub and WordPress.org.

WP 5.5 compatibility

WordPress 5.5 will be released in a few weeks, WooCommerce Blocks 3.1 adds compatibility with this release, that meant updating some API endpoints as well as ensuring there were no regressions in other parts of the codebase.

Also a reminder, with our L-2 Support policy, after WordPress 5.5 is released, the next release of WooCommerce Blocks will drop support for WordPress 5.2.


Here’s a changelog for this release:

  • Fix missing permissions_callback arg in StoreApi route definitions #2926
  • fix: ‘Product Summary’ in All Products block is not pulling in the short description of the product #2913
  • dev: Add query filter when searching for a table #2886 clap @pkelbert

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