WooCommerce Blocks 3.2 release notes

WooCommerce Blocks 3.2.0 is up! It’s available for download from GitHub and WordPress.org.

Dropping WP 5.2 support

With our L-2 support policy, after WordPress 5.5 was released, we dropped support for WordPress 5.2.

What’s new

This release introduces several improvements to Cart and Checkout blocks, this includes:

  • Dark color support for Cart and Checkout.
  • More control over payment methods order.
  • Order notes, which you can disable from the block settings.
  • Live previews when inserting a block.
    Other bugs fixes and styling enhancements are also included, see the full changelog for all changes.

Dark mode blocks

Cart and Checkout support dark backgrounds now, you can enable this option in the block settings, if your theme defines dark-editor-style theme support, this will be enabled by default.

Editor option in the blocks.

If your theme supports dark colors or changing the background color, then test it with the new options.

Dropping support for setSettings

Starting WooCommerce Blocks 3.2.0 we’re deprecating wc.wcSettings.setSetting, and removing it completely in 3.8.0, this gives developer around 3 months to migrate to other options, for now, you will see a console error.


This is the full changelog:

  • Fix ‘Add new product’ link in All Products block ‘No products’ placeholder. #2961
  • Fix an undefined variable PHP notice related to Product REST API. #2962
  • Fixed an issue that was making some blocks not to render correctly in the Empty cart template. #2904
  • Fixed an issue that was not rendering the Checkout block in editor when guest checkout was not allowed. #2958
  • Hide the discount badge from Cart items if the value is negative. #2955
  • Hide saved payment methods if their payment method has been disabled. #2975
  • Add dark colors and background for Cart & Checkout blocks inputs to support dark backgrounds. #2981
  • The Checkout block allows customers to introduce an order note. This feature can be disabled in the editor. #2877
  • Cart and Checkout form fields show autocapitalized keyboard on mobile depending on the expected value. #2884
  • Cart and Checkout will show a live preview inside the block inserter and style selector. #2992
  • Payment Methods are shown in the correct order as configured in store settings. #2934
  • Fix a cosmetic issue where payment form errors sometimes overlap with card icons. #2977
  • Fixes a styling issue in the Product Search block in the editor. #3014
  • Improved focus styles of error states on form elements. #2974
  • Removed generic icons for Check and Stripe Credit Card to reduce visual clutter in Checkout block. #2968
  • Deprecate wc.wcSettings.setSetting function. #3010
  • Improve behaviour of draft order cleanup to account for clobbered custom shop order status. #2912

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