Announcing the Developer Resources Portal

As we previously announced, we have been working to compile all of the most useful resources for developers who want to build with WooCommerce. Today we’re rolling out the initial culmination of that effort, WooCommerce Developer Resources.

For our initial launch, we focused on discoverability. One bit of feedback we have gotten from developers is that it’s often difficult to find what they’re looking for. When you visit, you’ll now find a curated collection of links to resources like API documentation, productivity tools, client libraries, guides, and others.

We’re not stopping there though. Our goal is for this portal to serve as a gateway to all the information and resources a person needs to be productive developing with our platform, whether they’re a WooCommerce veteran or completely new to the WordPress and WooCommerce ecosystem.

As we continue to iterate, we’ll switch our focus from discoverability to education and enablement. We’re putting effort into into creating authoritative guides that developers can use for building extensions and themes, integrating external applications with WooCommerce, and even simply understanding the technical concepts of how everything in Woo works.

Most of this educational content will live in the developer resources portal, but our plan is to announce any new content on the WooCommerce Developer Blog to make sure folks know when new guides are available.

As always, we’d love any feedback or recommendations you have for how we could improve things. If you have ideas or questions about the developer resources portal, please feel free to add them as comments to this post or share them with us in our Slack Community.

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