WooCommerce Blocks 3.3.0 release notes

There’s a new version of the WooCommerce Blocks plugin. Version 3.3.0 is now available on WordPress.org and GitHub.

What’s new – Express Payment in Cart

This is a small release which adds support for express payment methods in the cart block, and some bug fixes.

Express payment options typically allow the customer to set up payment information (e.g. credit card) in their browser or device, and then complete purchases quickly, without having to enter details again.

If you’re using WooCommerce Stripe and you have Payment Request Buttons enabled, express payment buttons should now be shown in the Cart block. The button(s) shown should be consistent with other store pages – for example, the Checkout block or product pages.

Some example express payment options are Apple Pay and Google Pay. Note that each has different requirements and support; for example, some options are only supported in certain countries. Check with the payment provider, or the Stripe Payment Request docs if you want to find out more.


  • enhancement: Show express payment methods in the Cart block (for example: Apple Pay, Chrome Pay). 3004
  • bug: Fix alignment of discounted prices in Cart block. 3047
  • bug: Fix an issue with products sold individually (max of 1 per cart); the Checkout block now shows a notice if shopper attempts to add another instance of product via an add-to-cart link. 2854
  • bug: Fixed styling options of the Product Title block (in All Products). 3095
  • All Products block: Can now customize text size, color and alignment in Product Title child block. Heading level option is now in block toolbar (was in settings sidebar). 2860 (missed in 3.1.0 changelog)
  • All Products block: Can now customize text size, color and alignment in Product Price child block. 2881 (missed in 3.1.0 changelog)

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