WooCommerce Blocks 3.5.0 release notes

There’s a new version of the WooCommerce Blocks plugin. Version 3.5.0 is now available on WordPress.org and GitHub.

This release is mostly a fix release with more enhancements around payment methods.

More resilient payment methods. When a payment method fails registration, the other will continue to be working.

Changes to supported versions of WooCommerce and PHP. the plugin is now more aligned with WooCommerce in terms of supported PHP version (7.0) and a minimum of WooCommerce 4.3 is now required.


Bug Fixes

  • Use light default background colour for country/state dropdowns. (3189)
  • Fix broken Express Payment Method use in the Checkout block for logged out or incognito users. (3165)
  • Fix State label for Spain. (3147)
  • Don’t throw an error when registering a payment method fails. (3134)


  • Use noticeContexts from useEmitResponse instead of hardcoded values. (3161)

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