WooCommerce 4.8.0 Beta 1

WooCommerce 4.8.0 is now available for beta testing! You can either download it directly from WordPress.org or install our WooCommerce Beta Tester Plugin.

What’s new?

The WooCommerce 4.8 release contains an updated version of WooCommerce Admin 1.7.0, WooCommerce Blocks 3.8.0, several fixes, and localization improvements.

Notable fixes and improvements

The main fixes and stability improvements in this release are:

  • New product variations report. (#5167)
  • Limited the system status report’s “not tested with version” warning to major versions. (#28114)
  • Reduced the memory usage of AJAX product searches. (#28177)
  • Add shipping, tax, and fee lines to refund REST API response. (#28241)

You can review the complete changelog for this release on the readme.txt file.

Filters and actions

We have added one new filter:

woocommerce_product_has_optionsDetermine if the product has options for the user to configure.

Database changes

This release does not introduce any changes to the database.

Template changes

This release does not introduce any changes to templates.

Release Schedule

This version of WooCommerce is scheduled to be released as follows:

BetaNovember 17th, 2020
Release CandidateNovember 24th, 2020
4.8 Final ReleaseDecember 8th, 2020


As with the previous several releases, we have published testing instructions for 4.8. We’d love your help in testing this release.

If you discover any bugs during the testing process, please let us know by logging a report in GitHub.

3 responses to “WooCommerce 4.8.0 Beta 1”

  1. Thanks for the nice update. May I assume that the new report follows the same logic as the existing ones, in terms of extensibility? I added custom filters to other Analytics reports, e.g. by currency, can I follow the same process with the new one?

    1. Jeff Stieler Avatar
      Jeff Stieler

      Hi Diego, thanks for the kind words regarding the update.

      Extending the new reports is a little different from the legacy ones – it now requires a mix of PHP and JavaScript.

      Our guide to Extending WC-Admin Reports should get you up to speed with the differences.


  2. Breaks my site. Have tried a few times. Breaks it every time.

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