Storefront 3.0.0 release notes

Today we have released Storefront 3.0.0. The new version can be downloaded from and GitHub.

The highlight of this release is the removal of our big admin notice presented to the user after the installation of the Storefront theme. This was triggered by the changes done to the WooCommerce admin home section and onboarding procedure. The old notice was interfering with the new flow and design. The documentation was updated so you can check the new onboarding location and welcome message in the Storefront and WooCommerce section. This update is available on the combination of WooCommerce 4.8+ with Storefront 3.0.0+ to preserve backwards compatibility.

Full changelog:

  • Enhancement – Add missing link text on cart button in handheld footer bar #1205
  • Enhancement – Move Storefront admin notice content to the Storefront Appearance page.#1544
  • Fix – Implode parameters order compatibility for PHP8 #1553
  • Dev – Update various dependencies, including major updates:
    • @wordpress/env to v2 #1459
    • autoprefixer to v10.0.4 #1548
    • puppeteer to v5 #1410
    • grunt-contrib-uglify to v5 #1426
    • bourbon to v7 #1388

Download the latest release of Storefront from, or venture over to Dashboard → Updates in your WordPress admin to update your theme.

As usual, if you see any issues, please log them in detail on Github.

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