WooCommerce 4.9 Beta 1

WooCommerce 4.9.0 is now available for beta testing! You can either download it directly from WordPress.org or install our WooCommerce Beta Tester Plugin.

What’s new?

This is a minor release focussing on bug fixes and performance improvements. Just like other minor releases, this release also aims to be backward compatible with previous WooCommerce releases.

We have also updated WooCommerce Blocks to 4.0.0 and WooCommerce Admin to 1.8.1 containing several bug fixes and enhancements.


  1. WooCommerce Blocks 4.0.0: Blocks package have been updated to 4.0.0, taking it at par with the feature plugin version. Please take a look at the release post to see what’s new and improved.
  2. WooCommerce Admin 1.8.1: WooCommerce Admin package has also been updated to 1.8.1 with this release of WooCommerce. This new package contains lots of bug fixes and stability improvements.
  3. API performance improvements: WooCommerce REST API responses have been made faster by up to 4x for product and order list endpoints. To make use of increased speed, make sure to add the _fields parameter in the API call to specify only what you need, and WooCommerce will optimize internal SQL queries to reduce the load on the database. We are planning to expand this improvement over other endpoints as well if there are good results. #27335
  4. Britain and Isle of Man removed from EU VAT zones: As apart of the Brexit effort, we have removed Britain and IM from EU VAT zones but they are still part of European Union countries. If you or your client’s store deal with EU taxes, then make sure to consult your accountant as just this change might not be enough. #28538
  5. Stock management fixes: Fixes have been made to make stock management more robust and prevent duplicate stock reduction. Thanks to all for reporting those issues promptly and in great detail. #28620
  6. Product review count: An issue related to incorrect review count has also been fixed. If you were impacted by this bug, then add/remove a product review manually to correct the review count. We are also working on another fix to update the product review count retro-actively for convenience. Again, thanks to all for reporting this issue promptly and in detail. #28624
  7. Better coupon error messages: When coupon usage limit is reached after an incomplete or failed payment where the coupon was used, we will show better error messages. If the users are logged in, we will ask them to go to MyAccount page (if enabled) to cancel or pay for the orders and recover/utilize the coupon. #28592

Filters and actions

We have added two new actions in this release

woocommerce_variation_before_set_stockAction to signal that the value of ‘stock_quantity’ for a variation is about to change. #27558
woocommerce_product_before_set_stockAction to signal that the value of ‘stock_quantity’ for a product is about to change.#27558
list of new actions in 4.9

Database Changes

This release does not introduce any changes to the database.

Template changes

This release does not introduce any changes to templates.

Release Schedule

This version of WooCommerce is scheduled to be released as follows:

BetaDecember 22th, 2020
Release CandidateDecember 29th, 2020
4.9 Final ReleaseJanuary 12th, 2021
Release schedule for 4.9


As with the previous several releases, we have published testing instructions for 4.9. We’d love your help in testing this release.

If you discover any bugs during the testing process, please let us know by logging a report in GitHub.

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  1. simbahosting Avatar

    “we have removed Britain and IM from EU VAT zones but they are still part of European Union countries. ”

    I’m sure you didn’t mean to say that. It’s not what’s in the code, and the UK left the EU a year ago.

    N.B. There is no country “Britain”. That is the name of the mainland island which is part of the United Kingdom.

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