Jump-start your End-to-end Testing with the WooCommerce E2E Boilerplate

End-to-end tests are a powerful way to help you ship your WooCommerce Extension free of defects, but they’re hard to set up initially. As a result, many extension developers never experience the benefits of end-to-end testing and spend more time on bugs they shipped to production.

Today, we’re shipping an End-to-End Testing Boilerplate to help you get started with end-to-end testing for your extension(s). We hope that this will make it much easier for you to add end-to-end tests to your projects, and in turn reduce the headaches experienced from bugs in shipped releases.

The prerequisite software for E2E testing is

Required packages

Optional Packages

We want the E2E packages to be a valuable resource to the developer community and would love to have feedback from folks who implement end-to-end testing.

Thanks to @achyuthajoy who developed the boilerplate.

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