Compatibility Issue with E2E Environment and WordPress 5.7


The built in testing container/server in the @woocommerce/e2e-environment package does not initialize properly with WordPress 5.7. We plan to release an update to the package next week that will include a fix for this issue.

The details

After each WordPress release, the Docker-WordPress project releases companion images providing docker-compose support for that version of WordPress. The e2e-environment container does not initialize properly due to changes in the default docker-compose configuration between WordPress 5.6 and 5.7.

How can I tell this affects me?

This issue will affect you if:

  • You initialize your test environment (docker:up) using the default latest software versions
  • You specify using WordPress 5.7 with WP_VERSION=5.7

What action should I take?

In your continuous integration (CI) environment, pin your WordPress version with an environment variable WP_VERSION=5.6.2.

Do the same in your local development environment with WP_VERSION=5.6.2 npx wc-e2e docker:up.

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