New page: List of WooCommerce core releases

Good news, everyone! As we want to increase the transparency and improve the experience for merchants and developers alike, we are bringing you a page listing all WooCommerce releases to make it easy to navigate to each release announcement and the respective zip package. You can navigate to it via the main menu: Downloads > Releases.

This page also documents our pledge to release a stable and reliable platform predictably in regular intervals, with as few disruptions as possible.

It also provides an opportunity to look back into the history of WooCommerce, to a time of WooCommerce 1.0 released almost 10 years ago, the beginning of the dev blog with WooCommerce 2.1 or exciting time when the Bionic Butterfly landed delivering on the promise of a database abstraction layer and later WooCommerce 4.0 bringing a glimpse at a great new admin experience with a set of BI reports.

Hope you find it useful, enjoy!

4 responses to “New page: List of WooCommerce core releases”

  1. Nice page but useless. Where are the release notes? What is the purpose for that page?

    1. Hello,

      This have the same purpose of to serve as a historical archive of releases. And it’s very useful for developers and shop managers that are looking to test with previous versions, to debug, and more.

      All of those releases contains release notes inside the readme.txt, so you can download and check everything.
      And here you can see a full changelog for all releases since 2.0.0:

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