WooCommerce Blocks 4.8.0 Release Notes

There’s a new version of WooCommerce Blocks available! Version 4.8.0 is now available on and GitHub.

This release includes exposing additional data to registered payment methods and some more bug fixes for the Cart and Checkout blocks. Please check the changelog below for more information.

Dev note

The shouldSavePayment value is now available as a prop for registered payment methods. This helps payment methods that need to know the value of this checked item client side before sending info to the server.

The onPaymentProcessing event can now be observed by saved payment methods that implement the savedTokenComponent configuration property. 



  • Registered payment methods now have access to the shouldSavePayment prop in their components (which indicates whether the shopper has checked the save payment method checkbox). (3990)
  • Payment methods implementing the savedTokenComponent configuration property will now have the onPaymentProcessing event available to the registered component. (3982)

Bug Fixes

  • Fix customer address country saving to orders in certain circumstances. (4013)
  • Prevent error messages returned by the API from displaying raw HTML. (4005)
  • Fix the Proceed to checkout button click bug happening when the Coupon error is visible in the Cart block. (3996)

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