WooCommerce Blocks 5.2.0 Release Notes

A new version of WooCommerce Blocks has been released! Version 5.2.0 is now available for download from GitHub and WordPress.org.

This release includes a number of enhancements, bug fixes, and some behind-the-scenes work to allow third party extensions to integrate with the Cart and Checkout blocks. Additionally, there’s been a change-around in the sidebar of the Cart and Checkout blocks!

To kick things off, let’s talk about the design changes…

Design Changes


These changes include incremental design improvements to the order breakdown area of the Cart and Checkout blocks.

The Shipping, Subtotals and Tax breakdowns now live in their own sections. The rationale behind these changes was to create more distinction between cost areas to give the customer a better picture of their cost and order summary.


View original size

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Before and after images of the sidebar in the Cart block

Shipping Section

There is now an isolated shipping section that includes only information related to the shipping options and the shipping location.

Taxes Section

As part of the shipping section improvement on the order summary of the Checkout block, the taxes totals have been isolated as a section with a breakdown appearing below indicating the sales tax value and any other tax-related charges incurred.

Coupons & Discounts

The coupon section UI and functionality remains the same but it will now appear below the Subtotals section to provide a better visual connection to the output of applying a discount.

We also made some changes to allow some of our blocks to be used in the new widget editor coming in WordPress 5.8, and deprecating the legacy widgets for which a feature-complete block-based equivalent exists.

The controls used to select: tags, categories, and attributes in our blocks have also been improved, with new styles and better accessibility support.

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Further details about the exact things we’ve changed can be found by reading the Pull Request descriptions linked in the changelog below.



  • Added a key prop to each CartTotalItem within usePaymentMethodInterface. (4240)
  • Hide legacy widgets with a feature-complete block equivalent from the widget area block inserter. (4237)
  • Hide the All Products Block from the Customizer Widget Areas until full support is achieved. (4225)
  • Sync customer data during checkout with draft orders. (4197)
  • Update the display of the sidebar/order summary in the Cart and Checkout blocks. (4180)
  • Improved accessibility and styling of the controls of several of ours blocks. (4100)

Bug Fixes

  • Hide tax breakdown if the total amount of tax to be paid is 0. (4262)
  • Prevent Coupon code panel from appearing in stores were coupons are disabled. (4202)
  • For payment methods, only use canMakePayment in the frontend (not the editor) context. (4188)
  • Fix duplicate react keys in ProductDetails component. (4187)
  • Fix sending of confirmation emails for orders when no payment is needed. (4186)
  • Stopped a warning being shown when using WooCommerce Force Sells and adding a product with a Synced Force Sell to the cart. (4182)


  • Move Button and Label components to @woocommerce/blocks-checkout package. (4222)
  • Add couponName filter to allow extensions to modify how coupons are displayed in the Cart and Checkout summary. (4166)

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