WooCommerce 5.4 Temporarily Unavailable


The recent release of WooCommerce 5.4 has been pulled from availability to limit the impact of a jQuery-related bug until a fix is available in version 5.4.1.

The details

WooCommerce 5.4, which was released yesterday, contains a jQuery-related bug that may break payment gateways by providing the wrong data type to a function. You can read more about this bug in the related issue on GitHub. A fix is currently in the works and will be released with WooCommerce 5.4.1. Because of the potential impact this issue could have on merchants, we have reverted to WooCommerce 5.3 as the most stable release. This will help minimize disruption to merchants who have not yet upgraded to version 5.4 while the core team conducts thorough testing of the forthcoming fix release against payment gateways.

How can I tell if this affects me?

If you have updated to WooCommerce 5.4, this bug could potentially impact you. A telltale sign is one or more TypeError exceptions in your browser’s JavaScript console stemming from the trim() function when validating credit cards.

Stores that are still running WooCommerce 5.3 should not be impacted.

What action should I take?

If you have already upgraded to WooCommerce 5.4 and are affected by this bug, you can safely downgrade to WooCommerce 5.3. Even if you are not affected by the issue, we recommend upgrading to WooCommerce 5.4.1 as soon as it is available.

2 responses to “WooCommerce 5.4 Temporarily Unavailable”

  1. Ummm… 5.3 does not seem to exist!! Where do we get 5.3?



    1. vedjain Avatar

      Since 5.3 is marked as stable, if you directly click the download link from WooCommerce’s plugins page, it will download 5.3 (till 5.4.1 is available).

      You can also use this link https://downloads.wordpress.org/plugin/woocommerce.5.3.0.zip

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