Storefront 3.8.0 Release Notes

Today we have released Storefront 3.8.0. The new version can be downloaded from and GitHub.

This release includes a fix for missing arrows on <summary> tags, fixes to the Search block when added to the widget area, fixes to full-width images in full-width pages, and a tidy up of the URLs used to import fonts, which no longer include an extra /!

The main change to call out is that we removed the skip-link-focus-fix.js which was ignored by modern browsers. Following the Developer Advisory where we set out the details of dropping support for IE11, and based on the browsers we support and usage stats, we don’t believe this is needed anymore. If you still want to include this on your site, please see this comment on GitHub for further details.

Full changelog:

  • Fix – Several visual issues when a Search block was added to a widget area (#1755)
  • Fix – Removed superfluous slashes from Star and WooCommerce fonts urls (#1754)
  • Fix – Fix hidden disclosure arrow on <summary> tags (#1727)
  • Fix – Remove full width image mobile margin and remove full width image block margins on mobile (#1713)
  • Enhancement – Remove skip-link-focus-fix.js. (#1653)

Download the latest release of Storefront from, or venture over to Dashboard → Updates in your WordPress admin to update your theme.

As usual, if you see any issues, please log them in detail on Github.

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