WooCommerce Blocks Release Notes

WooCommerce Blocks 5.7.0 Release Notes

A new version of WooCommerce Blocks has been released! Version 5.7.0 is now available for download from GitHub and

This release contains several fixes for the Checkout Block validation system, as well as a new country select box to make it easier to search for countries and states. There are also fixes and minor usability enhancements for our product blocks.

This version of WooCommerce Blocks has an L0 version support policy which means you’ll need to be running WordPress 5.8+ and WooCommerce 5.5+ to use it.



  • Featured Category Block: Allow user to re-select categories using the edit icon. (4559)
  • Checkout: Switch from select element to combobox for country and state inputs so contents are searchable. (4369)

Bug Fixes

  • Adjusted store notice class names so that error notices show the correct icons. (4568)
  • Fix autofill triggering validation errors for valid values in Checkout block. (4561)
  • Reviews by Category: Show review count instead of product count. (4552)
  • Add server side rendering to search block so the block can be used by non-admins. (4551)
  • Twenty Twenty: Fix broken sale badge left alignment. (4549)
  • Twenty Twenty-One: Adjust removable chip background color. (4547)
  • Fix handpicked product selections when a store has over 100 products. (4534)
  • Replace .screen-reader-text with .hidden for elements that are not relevant to screen readers. (4530)


  • Performance improvements in the Cart and Checkout block extensibility points. (4570)

By Mike Jolley

Mike Jolley is a PHP and JavaScript developer who contributes to open source projects including WordPress and WooCommerce. He lives with his wife and child near Cambridge in the UK.

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